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Your Social book or a friend's from 25 to 500 pages.
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“Part daily journal, part family album, we love our Social Book, thanks!” Jane

“I just received my book today and I am in LOVE!” Kate

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"Why get a book with my Facebook updates ?"

Do you like to show and share your Memories?

A Social Book is the best way to share all of your memories with your friends and family! Just leave it on the coffee table and see how people love getting into your common memories.

“My kids and my husband love to dig into it!”

How many years have you been on Facebook?

You probably have hundreds of posts by now. A big part of your life is already on Facebook servers. On average a Facebook user creates a 100 pages of a book each year!

“I create my Social Book every year.”

Are you looking for the Perfect Gift to offer?

You can order the Social Book of any of your friends. With Social Book you are certain to make the most personal gift and show that you care about others.

“I got my Social Book for my birthday I love it!”

Did you experience Something Amazing?

With Social Book you can tell the story of your latest travels or wedding. You will find all of the pictures you have posted and the funny and supportive comments from your friends.

“I was so happy to find Social Book to get the story of my triplets in a book!”

How do you keep the Diary of your Life?

Your Social Books will stay Forever as the faithful witness of your best accomplishments - the small things as well as the biggest!

“I now have a place on my bookshelf dedicated to my Social Books”

Do you manage a Facebook Fan Page?

Get your printed archive of your favorite Facebook Page or Group.

“I have ordered the book of my company Page to give to all my staff as a corporate yearbook”

Simple and Easy!

Only few clics to create: The layout is automatic

Live preview: See the first 20 pages of the book before placing your order

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Why you should be concerned about your historical data.

Are you sure that your life’s contents are safe?

Nobody knows if Facebook will continue to archive our data forever. Moreover, a technical glitch or an human error can delete all our posts and pictures at any time.

Going back in time on Facebook is not easy.

The Facebook Timeline is beautiful, but it is not designed to go through historical posts. The navigation is clumsy, all the posts are not always shown and locating a specific post is tricky. Try it!

Even today, a book is still the best way to archive and retrieve information. With Social Book, it's also easy!   

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How does it work ?

  • 1. Authorize the My Social Book Application
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  • 2. Select the subject of the book and the time range
    The subject can be a User, a Page, a Group, an Album.
  • 3.Change the content and personalize the cover
    A lot of editing options are available
  • 4. Order and receive your Social Book at home!
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Create a Social Book

Product Features

Each Social Book is different.

You can select any date range from 2007 to now

A Social Book can be from 25 to 500 pages.

By default, all the status updates, messages from friends posted on your wall, images you were tagged in along with your profile and mobile and timeline albums are selected.

You can add any additional albums.

Choice of a softcover or hardcover Likebook.

How many pages is your Social Book?

Get your estimation now!

An Elegant Design

At My Social Book, we love beautiful and well designed objects.
For this new version we hired the best designers to create the ultimate Social Book experience. Each Social Book comes with:

A fully personalized cover with 8 colors and 3 layout style options.

A first page mosaic of the friends that have commented the most in the book.

A double-page spread featuring the most liked picture of the book and the table of contents.

The book is divided in chapters according to month.

The main layout is magazine styled with two columns.

At the end, a dual page feature with the most liked pictures of the book.


A price that suits you

The price of your Book depends on the number of pages and type of cover (hardcover or paperback).
Depending on the date range and content desired, we calculate the price of your book in real-time!

Unique format of 8x10 inches (20 x 25 cm), with a choice of hardcover or softcover.

Free shipping

New! A Luxury matte finish with a unique soft touch exterior!

25 pages To try 50 pages A great gift idea 100 pages The year of an average Facebooker 200 pages Facebook addict 500 pages For my archives
Glossy Softcover $9.90 $26.90 $43.90 $68.90 $136.90
Glossy Hardcover $16.90 $34.90 $53.90 $81.90 $161.90
Matte Hardcover $26.90 $44.90 $63.90 $91.90 $171.90