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Birthday Girl Sparkles Album

There are a lot of memorable moments at these parties!

I don't think there's anything prettier than a room full of happy children singing "Happy Birthday". Birthdays are one of these days in the year where everyone is in a good mood. It's also about celebrating your child who has grown up enough to enjoy their special day with friends. If you're sharing that momentous occasion, then get them this album for them too! Turn their birthday memories into something magical so you never forget it!

There are lots of memorable moments at these parties - balloons everywhere, presents being opened, the cake being cut... Getting to relive all those precious moments can be really difficult without an album showing just how excited your sparkly little girl was


Let's not let those precious memories slip away

The effort it takes for you to organise their birthday party is well worth the pain of remembering your child as happy as she was. Let her cherish her childhood forever with this personalised photo book that captures every memory from birthdays gone by. Good times never go out of style.

Check out our collection of automated Kid's Photo Albums now and choose the one who matches best your children's personality.


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The price depends on the number of pages of the book.  The number of pages goes from 25 to 450 pages.

Choose your book paper quality (premium or luxury) and the binding type (softcover,  hardcover). 

For the best experience, select the Luxury Edition! Shipped in a beautiful box, My Social Book is wrapped in silk paper and is printed with the best photo paper.