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Sweet Sixteen Celebration

I guarantee this is a time she'll want to remember.

The party was perfect and she had so much fun. Hopefully, you also took some photos on this special occasion! Sweet Sixteen Celebration Album will help you share these memories forever in a personalized photo book. The photos and text will be complemented by an elegant cover so it’s easy to present as a gift for yourself or somebody else- perhaps someone who couldn't make it last time but still needs to see what they missed out on!


A dream that lives on

I have always been sentimental when I look back on my childhood. Whether it be a milestone in my life, an event in society or a trend, there is a reason why we remember these times so well. And when it's your turn to throw your daughter her Sweet Sixteen Celebration party you want to cherish every moment with pictures from the past and this gift lets you do just that! This album gives you the chance to create something unique for her she can keep forever.

Check out our collection of automated Kid's Photo Albums now and choose the one who matches best your children's personality.


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The price depends on the number of pages of the book.  The number of pages goes from 25 to 450 pages.

Choose your book paper quality (premium or luxury) and the binding type (softcover,  hardcover). 

For the best experience, select the Luxury Edition! Shipped in a beautiful box, My Social Book is wrapped in silk paper and is printed with the best photo paper.