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2024 Vacation: Why Venice Should Be Top of Your List

venice at sunset

We might just be making this up, but whenever we speak to people about vacations, it feels like Venice nearly always crops up – only it’s on the wrong side of the conversation.

‘Oh, yeah, we were thinking about Venice. It was on our list. But we thought it was a little too different.’

‘We heard it’s very touristy there. Also no beaches. We wanted beaches.’

‘We looked up their Uber situation, but it looks pretty dire. What city doesn’t have Uber?’

It seems that, wherever you look, Venice is always an option on people's bucket lists, but rarely ever gets chosen. People want to go for something safer. More dependable. More beaches. More Uber options. 

Venice as a 2024 Vacation Destination

But if you’re planning your 2024 summer getaway, and you’re a lover of vacation photography, we’d highly suggest choosing it. 

This is a beautiful city that is unlike any other. Yes, it’s a different kind of vacation, but that’s exactly why you should go for it. Whether it’s the gorgeous architecture or the fizzing nightlife, Venice is a city that grabs you by the heart and never lets go. 

It’s also perfect for photo book lovers. If you want to be able to make a photo book in 2 clicks, without having to sift through and pick out the best pictures, Venice ensures that any photograph looks beautiful. 

Every corner. Every crevice. Every moment is simply perfect. So to prove it, here are a few key reasons it’s a photographer’s paradise.

Venice Throws You in at the Deep End

As soon as you step off the train – train or bus is the only way you can get into the city – Venice will immediately show you what you’ve been missing. 

The Santa Lucia train station is placed right next to the Grand Canal, which is one of the main water corridors in the city. Filled with gondolas, boats, and yachts, this is like a real-life painting that is being crafted in front of you. 

With most vacations, you have to go out and explore before you take out your smartphone and start snapping pictures. But Venice doesn’t wait to wow you. In fact, we timed it, and after stepping off the train, it takes around ten seconds before that first picture just has to be taken. And it doesn't stop there: this city keeps surprising you. We all know inspiration is a big reason why vacations are so necessary, and Venice can give it to you in spades. Whether it’s the Rialto Bridge, St Mark’s Square, Doge’s Palace, or countless other attractions, there is never a dull moment, and always something to photograph.

Travel is Completely Different – And Awesome!

Speaking of throwing you in at the deep end, you’ll soon find that you won’t be observing Venice life during your vacation, you’ll be experiencing it. There are absolutely no cars in Venice, which means you’ll be getting everywhere by boat. 

We thought this was a joke before experiencing it ourselves. We assumed there must be a few mopeds around the place, or maybe a collection of taxis that could get you from A to B. But no. In Venice, all transport is on the water, which means it’s their way or the highway – and there isn’t even a highway! 

But if you’re a photographer, you’re not going to complain. Travelling by boat – or even better, by gondola – you’re constantly presented with perfect angles to photograph the architecture, as the buildings jut out of the water and stretch – seemingly indefinitely – into the sky.

Venetian Architecture is on Another Level

Speaking of architecture, this is our third reason for visiting Venice. With an eclectic range of Gothic palaces and Venetian houses, Venice feels like a city that hasn’t changed one bit since the 1500s. 

When you upload these pictures to our photo book maker, you’ll see for yourself – if it wasn’t for the people wearing sunglasses and holding smartphones in the background, it’ll look like you’ve transported yourself into the past for your summer vacation!

One of the best places to witness this architecture, in our opinion, is St Mark’s Square, which is home to the Doge’s Palace, the Campanile San Marco, and the Museum Combi. We should warn you, however, that during the summer, this square is prone to flooding, which is why you should make sure to pack boots.

Advice for a Vacation in Venice

This brings us nicely to some closing advice. Yes, Venice is absolutely worth visiting. From its endless bridges, gorgeous architecture, winding canals, and completely different way of life, it is a gorgeous spot that needs to be seen to be believed. 

However, due to climate change, Venice has been experiencing more floods that have caused extensive damage to some of the most iconic buildings. As a visitor, you must respect the city and look after it during your short stay. Do not leave any trash behind you, do not touch what you’re not supposed to, and make sure you follow all the rules set out for Venetian tourists. Have fun, but remember where you are and how it is everyone’s duty to keep Venice alive and afloat.


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