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Your Yearly Photo Book
in just a few clicks

From the smallest moments to the biggest celebrations, include them all in a gorgeous keepsake. Automatically filled with your memories, using as a base your Facebook posts to make your Facebook photobook, this is the quickest shortcut to make sure your pictures are safe and forever reachable. Don't wanna miss anything? Connect your Instagram or Google Photos account and watch your feed be turned into a gorgeous memoir thanks to our Instagram photobook in which your online grid is going to be printed, and our Google Photos book that is very useful to bring your stored pictures to life!






Time Travel in your Facebook and Instagram History

From 2008 until now.

Get your entire publication history in one-click, or check your Yearbook collection.

Select your MySocialBook


Family enjoying their photo book

Since your first post until now, how many pages will you have? With our editor it's very easy to make your MySocialBook and organize all this content no time! Have a look and fall in love with the story of your life!


Instagram photo book in a trend cooking setting

What is your Instagram all about? A cute pet diary, a baby journal in disguise or an online fashion show? Whatever it is, connect your account to our app to bring your feed to real life.


Business man with an open My Social Book that showcases his business

Get a printed copy of your Facebook Fan Page to showcase your business or activity. You can call it an automatically generated high-end portfolio, or a club activity track: we got you covered.


Photo album of a graduation day

Select one or more of them and prepare gorgeous volumes that are based not on the entirety of your social media feed, but only on the specific albums you'd like to print.


Woman admiring a mosaic of her most liked photos

50 pages of your most exciting Facebook moments of the year for a friendly price. Connect our app to your account and get your preview with the top highlights in a matter of seconds.


Mom seeing a photo book with her two kids

Make a friend happy! Offer them the MySocialBook experience. Gift cards allow the lucky recipient to navigate through his social media history and decide which year(s) of his life he'd like to remember forever.

A Fantastic volume magically created from your Facebook & Instagram Posts

It's an amazing way to share all of your story with your friends and relatives!
Just leave it on the coffee table and see how people love getting into your moments together.

“My kids and my husband love to dig into it!”

How many years have you been on Facebook?

You probably have hundreds of posts by now. A big part of your life is already on Facebook servers.
On average a Facebook user creates a 130 pages of content each year!

More than 600.000 volumes sold!

Since 2010 when we invented the Social Keepsake concept.

Simple and Easy

Select your content (Facebook feed, Facebook folders, Instagram or a Facebook Fan Page) and customize your cover.


We take care of the rest : Our unique technology generates the design for the inside pages, automatically.

We love beautiful and well designed objects.

For you, we hired the top designers to generate the ultimate experience.


Up to 400 pages per unit!

What is your journal going to look like?


This will stay forever as the faithful witnesses of your most amazing accomplishments - the small things as well as the biggest!


Start now to see a online preview.

Instant Preview

Effortless Creation & a lot to cherish

Just as you are.

Import all your Social Media activity in seconds

Add content from

Facebook, Instagram, and many more to come ...

Are you the closest friend, the super mom, a business or even a popular brand?
Start the series you need with MySocialBook's Collection.

A lot to catch up on? Archiving?

Preserve your memories forever and enjoy them for a lifetime.

Start your collection of yearbooks from your first post until today.

Open photo book with diverse pictures
Photo book collection with nine volumes displayed on a table
Photo book next to a cup of coffee

How do you make a memory scrapbook?

You can make a scrapbook by hand or you can start online scrapbooking by uploading your content from your Facebook or Instagram to our website and watch it be generated automatically. Our free online software lets you pick the timeframe or albums you’d like to use and you can also include status updates and videos.

How do I gather pictures in a hardback without having to make a collage?

Just connect your Facebook or Instagram account, select your timeframe, and our online software may arrange your content chronologically. You can customize its front as much as you’d like.

Is it quick to make?

MySocialBook takes seconds to preload all of your Facebook or Instagram feed and content into a digital template that you can customize further.

How do you make a personalized yearbook? And a baby pictures record or a wedding souvenir?

It’s quick and simple to make a yearbook from your Facebook or Instagram timeline with us. Simply connect your Facebook or Instagram account, select the period you want, and our algorithm can realize a yearbook in seconds, ready to go!

Turn your social media entries into a beautiful treasure

We make it seamless to take the countless shots you already have on your Facebook and Instagram accounts and turn them into a high quality keepsake that is always to hand.

Make a gorgeous volume full of your favorite moments in seconds, so you can keep hold of it forever.

It’s quick to create!

  •   Connect your Facebook or Instagram account
  •   Pick a timeframe you’d like to use
  •   Sit back and let our software present you a preview in seconds!
  •   Customize with our range of color options

·   Breeze through our checkout and wait for your order to arrive in the mail

How to:

Struggling to know where to start?

Making MySocialBooks is fun, simple and fast. It’s a great way to present all your favorite life moments in one memoir without the need for scissors and glue.

The greatest thing about our app is there is no need to spend hours choosing content, filling the layout or uploading. Our software makes it effortless - simply connect your Facebook or Instagram account and watch as the pages get filled automatically with hundreds of content in seconds!


Pro tips to make a gorgeous volume

I don’t have Facebook. Can I use my Instagram account instead?

You can connect your Facebook or Instagram account to start. There’s also an option to upload a design to your account if you have digital pictures that aren’t on any of your profiles.

Can I do a MySocialBook from Facebook albums?

If you don’t want to include a specific timeframe you can use Facebook albums instead.

How many years can I include?

You can include up to ten years’ worth of pictures from your Facebook! Our customers like creating yearbooks to remember all the good times. You can do a single bumper-sized volume or spread them out across yearly annuals.

I want to offer it as a gift. How do I keep it a secret?

Surprise presents are awesome. You can keep everything top secret by creating private Facebook albums and adding all the photos you’d like to use there. That way, only you can see the pictures you plan to use. We promise we won’t tell!

Can I delete content or posts?

Yes. It’s simple to remove any content or posts you’d rather not include. Our algorithm is great at organizing them into a beautifully designed collection but we understand that sometimes there are some photos or posts that you don’t want to be reminded of. Simply delete them and our software replaces with another or rearrange the them on the page.

How do I change the cover?

There’s a range of styles to pick based on your social media. Just click on the picture you want to change, and you’ll be presented with a gallery of all your options to make the ideal design.

What colors does the MySocialBooks come in?

Every color of the rainbow (and more!). We have a wide range of shades and hues for every style. Select one from our color palette in the editing tool.

Custom Designs

We fill the pages of your journal in seconds, leaving you more at ease to customize and make it your own – from design to color scheme.

Colorful options

Pick from all the colors of the rainbow. Our extensive color range means there’s a shade to suit every taste. From the boldest brights to the prettiest pastels, select from a wide palette of hues.

Coral,Yellow,Green,Turquoise,Baby Blue,Blue,Indigo,Purple,Beige,Brown,Eggplant,Red,Amaranth,Pink,Baby pink,Black. Or try our latest color additions:Midnight blue,Royal blue,Vintage pink,Apple,Gold andHalloween.


Make your memoir stand out with an eye-catching front. Pick from our extensive range of covers to customize yours in just the way you like. Check and test them:Classic,Mosaic,Centered,Chic Mosaic,Classic Circle,Full Page,Window,Domino,Strip,Big and Strip,New York orPola.

Make it your way

Top value softcover

Our most affordable option.

  •   Large format 20x25cm
  •   Glossy finish

·   Standard sheets (90gsm)


Our recommended option

  •   Large format 20x25cm
  •   Glossy finish

·   Brighter colors and soft touch with our semi-gloss soft sheets 135gsm


Ideal to display on your coffee table

  •   Large format 20x25cm
  •   Hardcover with a glossy or matte laminate

·   Brighter colors and soft touch with our semi-gloss soft paper 135gsm

Luxury edition

For important occasions and once-in-a-lifetime events, our luxury edition is the ideal gift

  •   Thick hardcover with soft matte laminate and ribbon bookmark
  •   Brighter colors and soft touch with our semi-gloss soft paper 170gsm

·   Silk wrapping inside a luxury gift box

Which one is right for you?

Revisit and reminisce, cherish the wonderful moments or take a look back at the last twelve months with a yearbook. The possibilities are endless!

The ideal personal gift for friends and relatives or an alternative way to promote your Facebook fan page or business.

Family history

This is precious history. All those amazing moments together make wonderful keepsakes to look back on and remember all the moments you spent together for the rest of your life story as a life book filled with emotions. A collection of family photo books can make your printed story worth that loving spot in the bookshelf. Order your first one today and you'll see your collection grow in size very rapidly!

Anniversary Tribute

What’s more personal than a tribute full of all the moments you’ve spent together as a couple? Show them how much they mean to you with this gorgeous gift (it’s also the ideal first wedding anniversary gift - a whole new automated set of wedding photo albums that combine the professional shots with the ones from the guests).
You can also have a different collection to narrate the adventures of your honeymoon travels. Attach some post cards with images of the destination for a extra romantic touch.

Baby archives

A beautiful keepsake you can show them when they are older or gift to grandparents. From pregnancy announcement to first steps – document it all in a collection of baby photo books!
Although we celebrate birthdays each year, the milestones of a child at one, two and five-years-old are special. But it's not because your baby became a toddler that he doesn't deserve a collection of Kid's Photo Albums to remember his first years and they grow older. And it doesn't stop there. Special celebrations of
8, 21, 25, 30 and every ten year mark thereafter are a very special event worth its own set of birthday books.


Don’t let your amazing pictures of luscious landscapes, delicious dishes and hidden gems go to waste. Bring to life a dazzling memoirs of all your travels and adventures.
Some travels happen once in a lifetime, some happen every summer. I'm sure you're fond of both of them in different ways. A set of books from our travel photo book collection can make the experience live forever!


Start a new tradition and start the year remembering the past. Take a look back at all these moments from last year and start building a collection of books to fill your bookcase with precious moments. Our photobooks are printed with the utmost care and perfectly safe to keep an archive of every moment of your life that you've shared on Facebook or Instagram. Do you post often? Don't worry, our books come in different sizes, suitable for up to 400 pages per volume.

What is the easiest keepsake to make?

It’s great to have so many ways to customise a volume, but we know sometimes people just want the easiest and quickest way to get it in their hands. That’s what made our concept so popular in the first place!

The highlights

Our easiest and most affordable option. This edition creates a volume full of your most liked Facebook posts. Simply connect your Facebook account and our software is going to do the rest.


Turn the hundreds (or thousands!) of digital personal souvenirs into a high quality, physical keepsake. If you’re a Facebook fanatic this is the easiest way to proudly display your timeline.

Facebook Album

Only want to focus on one particular moment from your Facebook? This option is great for themed memoirs for friendships, birthdays, weddings - anything your heart desires!


All about getting the perfect snap for the ‘gram? Turn your tiles into a paperback keepsake. Collect your lovely brunches, birthdays and beach vacations in a beautiful, custom volume.

Instagram + Facebook

You don’t just have to choose one! Combine your Instagram and Facebook images in one volume. Show the reality behind the Insta perfect images, share the candid pictures and celebrate the carefully curated shots in a outstanding hardback.

Free Preview

Wondering what your MySocialBook is going to look like? Connect your Facebook or Instagram account and take a look at a preview. Order it risk-free with our month long money-back guarantee!

A blue and a yellow photo book side by side with a mother holding a baby on the cover
Open photo book featuring pictures with grandmother and grandchildren, couple and pets
A green and a grey photo books side by side with beach pictures on the cover

What's the greatest keepsake journal to make?

MySocialBook is the winner if you like a quality product and don't want to spend hours in front of the computer organizing the pictures you want to have in your personalized keepsake. The incomparable service: Our custom volumes come in 3 binding types: soft or hardcover, and luxury edition (which is a binding type with hardback and deluxe foam giving it a great look).

Looking for something different?

We don’t just make beautiful memoirs. Take a look at our other gift options: Mosaic, Tote bags, Mugs and Canvas prints.