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My Social Book Affiliate Program

Earn money with My Social Book! Drive traffic to Mysocialbook.com and quickly earn commissions from purchases made by customers you refer. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money while associating your site with a premier brand like My Social Book. The My Social Book Affiliate Program offers regular newsletter updates, compelling creative assets, publisher incentive programs, affiliate exclusive offers, and more. Become a My Social Book affiliate partner today to take advantage of a great opportunity!


Book collectionEstablished in 2011, My Social Book is selling a brand new kind of photo book. Our technology automatically creates a 25 to 500 pages book with all your content from Facebook and Instagram. With all the photos, likes and wall posts, it’s much more than a regular photo book - it’s a personal yearbook, the story of your life. This product is totally unique and we are the only one selling it. Which is logical, since we invented it! 57% of our visitors convert less than 24 hours after first connection, so you can expect good performance if you send qualified traffic. We have CPA based or Revshare programs.


Contact our Affiliate Success Manager at affiliation@mysocialbook.com