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Within one year, Instagram went from launch to 10 million users, and from there, now as a part of Facebook, the app touts 800 million users! That’s a lot of photos floating around in digital space.
As a part of the 800 million, there are so many times when you’re just at the right place at the right time—and with the right filter. That could make you wonder if you should focus on a Facebook book or Instagram photobook, and the answer is going to be on your own timeline! Which one is more complete?Each user employs the platform differently, and while Facebook is a lot about the words, Instagram has made capturing the magic moment simple and shareable and as technology for our smartphone cameras gets better with each passing year, so does the quality of our photos.We’ve seen people use Instagram to plan their wedding, share the birth of a child with family members who are far away or help raise money for charity. It has become one of the most important ways that many teens communicate and connect as well as how they document memories from everyday life.

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Instagram has a special way of being a useful app for something more than just a photo. A plain image of a group of friends standing shoulder to shoulder is great for a Facebook post, but Instagram is perfect for all the special things like that sunset just above the horizon, or that medieval chateau we had a chance to visit. For that matter, even that special dish we ordered while away is something that is just the right type of Instagram snapshot.

In all, since Instagram is about more than just taking a photo, it makes sense that we would treat going through these photos as something more than just a scroll or scan. Sometimes, even at the right angle, as a digital photo it doesn’t have the same effect as it does in our hands. Yes, moments don’t last, but the memories do, and sometimes to best way to cement a memory is not in digital space but instead in printed form so that we can hold it in the palm of our hands.

    Create the best Instagram photo album possible. Hardcover or Softcover.

    Instagram is where you share some of your biggest moments with friends, family, fans and followers. You spend so much time creating the perfect photo for Instagram, why not also create a physical memento of life’s adventures, milestones and happiest events for prosperity?   

    Whether you fill your feed with photos and videos of your travels, cute pets or adorable children, My Social Book brings your Instagram feed to life with your own high-quality photo book. It's the best photo book service!

    Make an Instagram photo book that matches your personal style with customizable covers, colors, sizes and content.

    Why is My Social Book the best photo book maker?

    We are one of the best monthly photo book app. My Social Book has replaced the standard photo book makers by making your job easy and seamless. You can print thousands of pictures in a matter of minutes. The whole story of your life, or your beautiful Instagram feed. An important event or a vacation. Quickly and in high-quality material.

    Just like how Instagram is perfect for more than just taking a photo, My Social book is perfect for more than just making a photobook. Imagine if you have a set of Instagram images with warm and bright colors only to discover at your local shop that the available photobooks to choose from have only cooler colors. The contrast could ruin the whole point of printing the images. The good news is we have a solution to this!

    It’s also never been easier to create a tailored photobook through Instagram images. You can create and customize you very own printed photobook with our My Social Book app. Log on with your Instagram or Facebook account and we’ll take it from there!

    You can create and customize your very own printed Instagram photobook with our My Social Book app. Log on with your Instagram account and wait to be amazed. Be creative!

    What is the maximum page count for an Instagram photobook?

    Our books start at 25 pages and can go up to 500 pages for standard and silk paper (it makes a book about 4.4 pounds - 2kg, and 2.8 inches - 5cm thick), and up to 250 pages for the deluxe edition.

    We advise you to start with a small time range and increase it progressively.
    If the book you tried to create is over 500 pages, considering splitting the content into multiple books, by reducing the time range and removing posts.

    And Voila! You are done with creating your photo book with captions in a matter of minutes with your best instagram photos.

    What is the paper type and quality?

    We print on Silk (half-glossy) 80lb/130gr paper.

    We also have 3 types of cover:- Glossy softcover- Glossy hardcover / Matte hardcover

    More than 700.000 volumes sold!

    Since 2010 when we first created the first Photo-Book created from the Facebook timeline.
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