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Facebook vs. Instagram?

which is the best book for you?

Are you a Facebook fanatic or an Instagram influencer in the making? Whether you spend time sharing family photos or food snaps, you can easily create a photo book to match your social media style. Customizing your photo book to reflect your feed is easy with the right photo book creator! You can make aFacebook photobookto print your timeline or toprint a fan page photo book, or yet aInstagram Photobookto turn your wonderful feed into a keepsake, so you can choose which photos you’d like to immortalize in print.

Is a Facebook photo book right for me?

Facebook was created to share life updates with friends and family and this is still how many people use it today. It’s your personal community, those who you feel comfortable sharing your intimate highlights with.

Facebook is a place to share your experiences - good and bad - with your nearest and dearest. It’s about the ups andthe downs. Life isn’t perfect and your profile shows that – the DIY projects gone wrong, the messy house, the children’s tantrums, the break ups and the make ups.

But it’s not all bad! Facebook is also a place to share all the big milestones with loved ones. Posting about your engagement, sharing the first baby scan photo, introducing new furry family members - your friends want to celebrate with you and their kind messages mean the world. If you're unsure that the Facebook photo book is enough to capture your life, you can also add extra content from Instagram, actually making a Facebook and Instagram in one photobook that can be arranged seamlessly in two clicks. This way you're sure to not miss out any content.

You can turn your best Facebook moments into lasting memories with a photo book. It's the best photo book service ever!

Perhaps an Instagram photo book is better?

The content people post on Instagram is always changing, but it’s much more about sharing your ‘best life’ than Facebook. With that in mind, it’s the ideal platform to create a beautiful photo book to match your personal aesthetic full of incredible photos.

Your photo book can be as curated as your feed, with a color scheme and cover design to complement your pictures. With My Social Book, you can create a Instagram or Facebook Albums Photo Book that would look great on a coffee table or as a portfolio to share professionally.

How to create a Facebook or Instagram photo book to match your social media style

 · Connect your Facebook or Instagram account to the free online My Social Book software  

· Choose the time frame (or choose a specific album if you’re using Facebook  

· Watch My Social Book fill your photo book in seconds with all of your photos  

· Customize the cover, add text and pick a color scheme

·  Enjoy your photo book full of your Instagram and Facebook memories!


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