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The My Social Book Story

In 2010, Nicolas wanted to give a gift to his girlfriend, whom he met a year earlier. He was looking for the ideal gift, something personal, something intimate, something meaningful. And it is by reading his Facebook feed that he has THE great idea!

He realizes that their story together is there, in the Facebook archives. Thanks to his skills as a developer, he creates an algorithm that allows him to automatically retrieve and chronologically lay out their data posted on Facebook, and have them printed so that he can offer it to his girlfriend.

The Social Book concept was born!

Stakhanovist by nature, passionate about creative arts, experienced in writing codes, Nicolas pursues his idea and develops the project more in-depth. Keeping in mind his dream of making the Social Book accessible to all, he creates EgoBook! An application that allows the user to print an entire Facebook wall in chronological order, in just a few clicks.

This simple object becomes one of the most precious things you can have! It's all at once: a yearbook, a scrapbook, and a photo album! This unique keepsake is the perfect coffee table book and allows you to relive, share, and pass the story of your life down through generations.

Over the years, EgoBook evolved, improved, and became My Social Book.

Today, our customers enjoy their books daily. Year after year, they add another edition to their My Social Book Life’s Collection by creating their latest Year Book for themselves and their families.

To date, our books are sold in more than 20 countries and printed in 10 languages. They are shipped worldwide from our on-demand, most credible and technologically advanced printing houses.

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our products and services, as well as technological innovation, to ensure our customers the content and quality their memories deserve.

The brand continues to evolve and now allows its customers to make books using their Instagram content or simply print their photos directly (and receive them in a beautiful photo box!) as well as create unique photo mosaics from photos shared on Facebook, Instagram and from pictures stored on their devices.

My Social Book, AKA: How a Love Story Became a Great Company.


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