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5 Ideas for Instagramming Home Life

couple with a dog in the living room

Building an engaging, thought-provoking Instagram page can be a journey. From urban landscapes to natural open vistas, photography is a doorway into seeing and contemplating things you may never have taken the time to digest. But for those of us who would rather spend a weekend at home for a change, it pays to remember that photography doesn’t always have to involve an excursion. In fact, there are plenty of photo opportunities just waiting on your doorstep, and if they are captured in the right way, they can light up your Instagram profile or photobook in just the same way as any other photograph. 

So what are these opportunities and what do you have to do to capture them? Often, it is the simplest things which can be the most eye-catching, so let’s start with the basics. 


We all think our dogs are the most wonderful things to ever embrace the Earth, and in many ways they are. This is why it is your job to photograph your pet in the right way. If they are out in the garden, then go out and capture them in their happiest, most energetic state. 

If you manage to get down low and keep to their eye-level, then you should be able to capture the world exactly as they see it, which can lead to a beautifully composed, engaging photograph.

Because our pets rarely sit still and pose for a photograph, they can often be the perfect subject for capturing the busy, joyful times you spend at home.


Going a bit deeper into the more artsy Instagram pics, being at home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any artistic integrity in your photographs. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities to think outside of the box and try to capture something a little more thought-provoking. Reflections, specifically, are a great way to do this. 

Take a picture of a family member looking back at their reflection through a window pane, or if you are a new parent, find a way to capture your baby looking at themselves in the mirror for the very first time. This is a wonderful idea that can not only light up your Instagram, but it can also be a perfect photograph if you are looking to create a baby boy or baby girl photo book, as they can pinpoint the first moment they acknowledged their own reflection.

Morning Colours

We all have those mornings when we wake up, look out of the window, and are amazed by the world which looks back at us. Some mornings offer amazing colours. Whether it’s deep red sunrises or dark blue mid-points, where the day has not quite managed to let go of the night yet, these are golden moments for any enthusiastic photographer looking to take their Instagram profile to the next level. 

This is why you should endeavour to capture them when they come around. See if you can get up close enough to the morning dew on the grass, or take a picture of the moon as it is just starting to disappear into the ever-brightening sky. There are so many pieces of a beautiful morning to capture, so go out there and try to grab as many as you can.


One of the best things about our homes is the warmth that they bring to all of us. Our home is often the only place in the world where we feel truly comfortable. When you go out into the world as a photographer, you are a visitor, but when you are at home, you belong. 

In this way, a home can present you with plenty of opportunities to capture the warmth and comfort that you feel. Try to capture an evening on the sofa, with woollen socks rested upon your partner’s lap. If you have just made yourself a hot cup of coffee, place it on a coaster in front of a lamp and capture the steam swirling its way around the rim. 

These are small, detailed ways to portray the warmth of your home and how much it means to you, but there will always be more. If you have that moment when you feel particularly content and warm inside your home, then ask yourself why, take out your phone, and try to work out the best way to capture it.


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