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Hello! I’m Kat McAdam, and this summer I invite you to join my family on our vacation in Northern Europe.
With my husband, Nick, and our two daughters, Abby (2 years old) and Josephine (5 years old), it will be our first family road trip… A Camper van, a quick idea of where we want to go, 2 weeks, and our wanderlust… here is the recipe for our trip!!!

We plan to visit :

  • a small part of Germany. Hamburg and the neighborhood.
  • Denmark
  • Sweden (Goteborg, Bohuslân, Stockholm) Map Trip

The general idea is to go along with the movement of things, and see if we can go everywhere in two weeks.  Anyway, I’m sure we will have a lot of fun by discovering all those beautiful landscapes and people.

One of the reasons of this travel is for the girls. First, Northern Europe is a place known to be kid friendly, and secondly, it will be interesting to introduce them to nature and big green areas.
There also two “rendez-vous” that we have planned for them:

  • going to Legoland,
  • seeing the real little mermaid.

It will be interesting also for my husband who has never gone camping and has never been on a road trip…

For me, this expedition is a bit of a personal quest, because I have known, since I was very young, that a part of my family comes from the Bohuslän, and it has always fascinated me. So one of the goals of this trip is to join this point and take a deep breathe of the land of my ancestors.

So, follow us on the My Social Book fan page to read our weekly travelogue. I’m so thrilled to share this trip with you.

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