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The Best Moments for Any Photobook: Celebrating Selfies

Girl taking a selfie

Taking pictures of yourself is, for the most part, a lot harder than taking pictures of anyone else. Whilst part of your Facebook feed might feature well-crafted, confident selfie snaps, the rest will probably feature photographs pointing entirely in the opposite direction. 

There is a reason for this. While it may seem easy to simply flip the camera and take a snap of yourself, for many people, the whole process of taking a selfie feels awkward and unnatural, especially for those who don’t necessarily feel confident in their own skin.

No matter who you are, selfies are a unique and personal way to show both your inner and outer beauty. Whether you are simply changing up your Facebook feed or thinking about creating a Facebook photo book featuring all your favourite memories, the selfie can place the focus of your story back onto its main character, rather than the people or scenery around you. The trick is to find the right position, the right moment, the right mindset, and then snap. Here are a few of the best moments to rotate the camera and give it a shot.

The Tick List 

Whilst most selfies are spontaneous and random, there are certain moments to take advantage of when you are looking for the perfect photograph. The tick list snap can be a great option if you are preparing to make a photo book that covers a year of your life. These are two photographs of yourself, taken at the beginning and end of the year, along with a handwritten list of all the things you want to achieve. 

At the beginning of the year, all the tick boxes will be blank, but if you have been successful then, by the end of the year, you will have ticked every one of them. This will create the perfect photo book, as you will be able to see what you wanted to achieve, and also watch the achievements unfold in front of your eyes as you turn the pages.

The High Achiever

Following on from the tick list, taking a picture of these achievements can also be a perfect selfie opportunity. A lot of the time our best achievements are remembered through choreographed, group photographs, especially when it comes to graduation ceremonies or celebratory work-dos. Of course, these photographs can look nice and hold wonderful memories, but taking a picture of yourself, by yourself, is a great way to show off an achievement in a more natural light.  

For instance, a selfie taken just after trying on your graduation gear, or in front of the building of a job you just secured, is going to be way more personal and impactful when you come to look back at it. As well as this, it is also a great way to show your self-gratitude and pride in your own achievements. 

The Clothes Model

Of course, not everyone likes shopping. For those who do, however, a shopping trip can result in a great opportunity for a bit of fun with the camera. Coming back to the house after a particularly successful clothes haul can be both exciting and anti-climactic. Yes, you’ve just updated your wardrobe with a whole load of beautiful new clothes, but it could be days or even weeks before you have an opportunity to show them off. 

If this is the case, then it’s time to give yourself your own fashion show. Trying on your new haul with a few posed mirror snaps will not only allow you to capture yourself and your outfits in the best light possible, but they can also be fun, intimate photographs to balance out your photo book and add a bit of variety to the pages.

The Confidence Snap

Unfortunately, in this day and age the moments when you wake up feeling confident and happy in your own skin can be few and far between for a lot of people. Mental health is a crucial issue in today’s world, and it is only recently coming to the forefront of the conversation in the way that it should be.

Body image especially can be a rollercoaster for anyone suffering with their mental health. This is why the moments when you feel comfortable in your own skin are so crucial to capture. Sometimes, the simplest of selfies can show us at our happiest, so when the moment comes to you, it is important to embrace it with open arms and make sure that you cherish it.  When you look back at yourself in your photo book, that confident and positive feeling will undoubtedly flood back to you, revealing your self-esteem and putting the pride back into your own opinion of yourself.


Taking selfies isn’t a form of self-indulgence, and these photographs are just as significant to you as any other photograph containing any number of loved ones. 


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