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Happy memories of happy birthdays printed in a Photo-Book

Photo album book: The gift that keeps giving.

Check out the My Social Book app and start creating the birthday photobook that you’ve always wanted. We’ve cleared the way of all those things that once held us back from putting together something dear to us. Now having all your birthday celebrations gathered in one place is just a click away.

The more the merrier is the rule when it comes to immortalizing the times that we’ve shared. See what My Social Book can do for you and your friends. Check the Friendship Book for Best Friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try! Log on to My Social Book and get started on your engagement social book today and be sure to spread the word!

What is the easiest photo book? Can I create my own cover?

It’s quick and easy to create a photo book with My Social Book. No software download required, everything is done on the free online tool. Simply connect to your chosen social media account – Instagram or Facebook – and away you go.

What goes in a memory book?

Memory books can contain photos, text and mementos - anything that helps you connect and remember the events. My Social Book can help you organize your memories and create a memory book full of all of your photos and other content from social media.

How many photos can you put in a photo book?

You can make a photo book as small or as big as you like with My Social Book! Choose how many pages you want in your photo book by selecting a time period or existing album. If you have thousands of photos why not create multiple photo books, one for each year or for each occasion such as weddings, anniversaries, vacations, birthdays.


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