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Ideas: Create a Photo Collage From Your Social Media Photos

Create a Photo Collage From Your Social Media Photos


What can you do with all of your Facebook and Instagram photos? Collages are a great way to display multiple photos together when one just won't do.

The best photo collages are full of amazing memories and beautiful moments that make you smile.

Create an amazing photo collage with Photo Mosaic! A unique take on the traditional photo collage, use your photos as the tiles that make up a bigger image and showcase all your favorite pictures at once.

Online picture collage creator

My Social Book's free online software is the fastest way to turn your social media photos into a beautiful photo collage. The easy photo editor connects to your social media accounts and creates a photo mosaic in seconds.

Create a photo collage of your Instagram grid

Don't let your carefully curated Instagram feed go to waste. Make the most of your photography skills and turn your snaps into a colorful collage.

Choose a beautiful landscape, a vibrant vacation shot or a stunning still life as your main image and the photos of all your wonderful memories can make up the individual photo tiles of your creation.

Turn your Instagram photos into art

A unique family portrait created with your Facebook photos

It's so difficult to choose just one photo to represent all the awesomeness of your family. Plus, whose family life is picture perfect all the time? How do you show the laughter, the tears, the seriousness and the silliness all in one photo?

There's no need to wait for the perfect moment, just turn all of them into a beautiful representation of the real family moments with a photo mosaic.

Create a one-of-a-kind portrait

Brighten up your living room wall with a photo mosaic canvas

Finding unique artwork to decorate your home can take forever. How about creating your own piece of art?

The main image of your photo collage can be anything and our online software takes the colors from the main image to arrange the photos that make up all the tiny individual tiles. This means you can make your photo collage match your home interior style - no more hopelessly searching the internet for the perfect shade!

Decorate your walls


How to make a picture collage online

Photo Mosaic is the easiest way to create a photo collage of your social media images.

Simply choose an album or the timeline you would like to take photos from and our free online software transforms your photos into a beautiful photo collage.

How to create a photo collage with our free online tool:

- Use My Social Book’s free online photo mosaic software

- Connect your Instagram or Facebook account

- Select the photo album or select the timeframe

- Choose the photo for the main image of your photo mosaic

- Pick the canvas size and style

- Proudly display your unique creation in your home

- Create your collage

If one photo collage just isn't enough, My Social Book can also arrange all your photos into a beautiful book, full of photo collages of your best social moments. You can choose a color, theme and cover design to bring your photo collage to life - the perfect gift for friends and family (or a gift to yourself!).

Create a My Social Book photobook

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