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5 Reasons a Photo Book is the Best Engagement Present

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Is there anything more exciting than a fresh engagement? The confetti, the champagne and, of course, the long, winding conversations about dates, dresses, hairstyles and rings – and that’s in just the first ten minutes of the engagement party!

Whether you’re hoping to stake your claim on a spot at the top of the aisle or just happy to take your seat on the pews, finding a great gift that lives up to the magnitude of a proposal isn’t always the easiest.

If you’re tired of wrapping up ‘His and Hers’ mugs and engraved keychains, keep reading to find out exactly why we consider an Instagram and Facebook photo book to be the best gift idea going. 

It’s super personal

Getting out of the gift-giving rut and finding something that doesn’t feel generic and impersonal isn’t always easy. Even gifts that can be personalised start to feel a little by-the-book, especially for an event as important and once-in-a-lifetime as a proposal. 

From front to back, a photo book is about as personal as it gets. You can hit up their social accounts for all their favourite photos, include a few notes or memorable quotes from the couple, and see their faces light up as they turn the pages together. 

It gets them reminiscing

There’s nothing like planning a wedding to get your mind solely focused on the future. From anticipating the weather to balancing your plans for the food, the flowers, the music, and how well-behaved your Aunt Jackie is going to be when the DJ opens up the floor for requests, the moment that ring gets on the finger is the moment everything starts moving at warp speed towards the great unknown.

What better way to temper the furious plan-making than by encouraging the happy couple to think back over the years they’ve already spent together – the years that, bit by bit, have been building towards the big day. 

From those awkward early photographs taken on dates to the silly selfies they’ve posted to Instagram over the years – and a few romantic snaps from the proposal and engagement party to tie everything together – they’ll love being handed the opportunity to get comfy on the couch and take a trip back down memory lane. 

It’s timeless

A beautiful photo book is something the recipient will treasure for the rest of the life. That’s what makes it stand out so much from other cliché wedding gift ideas, which may not always be as treasured as they are right now. New fiancés and fiancées tend to be inundated with the classic ‘just engaged’ gifts that look great on the shelf right now but, eventually, find their way into the back of the closet or, worse still, the attic. 

For a gift that will be as special (if not more special) twenty years from now as it is today, go for the photo book. Nobody has ever spent time wishing they have fewer special memories, after all. A celebration of the relationship makes for the perfect coffee table book no matter how many anniversaries they get under their belts. 

It might just kickstart a new tradition

There’s nothing more gratifying than sitting down at the end of a busy month, vacation, year, or event and creating a photo book that commemorates everything that happened. With their first photo book on the shelf, there’s every chance that the happy couple will decide to expand their collection over the years and celebrate every big (or small) life event by sitting down, getting cosy, and hand-picking their favourite photos together. 

A fresh perspective 

We all love to see ourselves through someone else’s eyes, and there’s no better time to do it than right now. Think of all the old, near-forgotten photos you’ve snapped of the couple – both together and apart – over the years, swept under the rug in that never-ending camera roll. 

This is the perfect time to let them (finally) see the light of day in our photo book maker and enable them to unlock memories for the couple they didn’t even know they had. 

This isn’t just a nice way to use old photos – it’s also a beautiful way to show the couple how you see them, and the special moments you caught when they were wrapped up in each other. 


At My Social Book, we never need an excuse to create another photo book for the collection – but even we have to admit that an engagement is the perfect reason to dip back into the photo archives and pick out your favourites.


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