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What Photos To Include In The Ultimate Coffee Table Photo Book

living room with a coffee table

There are two types of coffee table. One: the standard coffee table. You might find a few mugs on here, some on coasters, others not. There’ll be a couple of ring stains, a book that a family member has been reading, a remote, maybe a hair band or two. In other words, it’s just a surface that is being utilised.

But then there’s the other coffee table. Two: the professional’s coffee table. Here, you’ll find a neat selection of magazines, a thin pile of books (hardback), carefully placed coasters, a bowl of fresh fruit, polished wood and – if it’s really professional – a candle. 

This is the coffee table that everyone aspires to have, but not everyone can achieve. Not because it’s hard, but because things just get in the way. Mugs, mostly. But also just bits around the house, and we allow it to happen, because what’s stopping us? 

There’s nothing on the coffee table that we really care about. There’s no centrepiece as such. Even the books are just books that we’ve found across the house. People pick them up, give them a flick through, and then put them down. There’s no wow factor. And that’s what the professional’s coffee table is all about; providing that wow factor. Giving guests a reason to sit down and be entertained by something physical, rather than simply switching on the television.

The Photo Book To The Rescue

But that’s where we come into it. We’ve mentioned before that a photo book is the perfect accompaniment to a coffee table, and we don’t mince our words when it comes to things like this. 

Not only do photo books look beautiful, creating that aesthetically pleasing feel that every coffee-table orchestrator loves. But they’re also an entertaining insight into your family and your life. A window into your home for any guest – or family member – to have a peek through when they’re sitting enjoying their coffee. They’re also incredibly easy to make, with a gorgeous Facebook and Instagram photo book just two clicks away from creating at any time.

So! If you want to have that professional looking coffee table – and you want a showpiece that will make you stick to it – then it could be that a photo book is the answer. But what exactly should you put into that photo book to make sure it sits perfectly on your table? Well, to help you out, here are a few ideas you can bring to a photo book maker to ensure you have the ultimate portfolio possible: 

  • The You Photographs 

Always start your photo book with subjects. Whilst you might have some lovely photographs of the house itself – perhaps the day you moved in or a great big renovation project – having people in your photographs is far more attention-grabbing. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to start with your favourite photographs of yourself and your partner. 

  • The Move-In Day

Now you can use those house pics! Again, if you have pictures of the day you moved in, picked up the keys, or a renovation project that made the house into what it is now, then follow up your you photographs with these pictures and make sure you tell your house’s story.

  • The Family

Once you’ve done this, it’s now time to show the family living inside the house. Choose all of your best family photographs and get in as many as you can. A big picture of your family is also a good front cover for a book like this, no matter how you display your photo book.

  • The Wider Family 

Once you’ve finished finding all the pictures of your family who live in the house, it’s time to represent the rest of the family who don’t! Think of this section as a substitute for family portraits. In most houses, people like to remember their family by having pictures framed and placing them on random surfaces, but it's’ not always easy if you don’t have the space. Thankfully for you, the photo book is the perfect place to include all of these photographs and have them all in one, accessible spot.

  • The Vacations

It’s likely that you’ve gone on at least a few vacations as a family, so this is the section where you can honour all of those unforgettable memories. Although, if you don’t want to separate them, this section can always be tied into the last two!

  • The Showstoppers 

Next, it’s time to go a little bit wild, and throw your showstoppers in there. These can be literally anything; nights out, birthday celebrations, cute little moments between you and your SO. All of the pictures you love from your social media platforms, get them in there and have a bit of fun with it.

  • The Cringey Closer

Lastly, it’s time for the “cringey closer”. This is where you can sneak in one of those lovey dovey quotes about home, such as “the best journey takes you home”, or “life takes you to unexpected places, love brings you home”. They might be a little cheesy, but they’re also pretty sweet messages to tie up your photo book and provide the perfect finishing touch to your new, professional coffee table!


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