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How To Display Your Photo Books

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One of the best things about our photo books is how easy it is to create them. You can always go the extra mile, you can choreograph your photo books into the story you want to tell, but there’s nothing stopping you just doing the basics and letting us do the rest. We hold your hand throughout the whole process, making it as easy and simple as possible.

There is, however, an area of the process that we cannot fully help you with: the displaying of the photo books you have printed. Whether the photo book is for you or for someone else in your household, you will have to find a way to display it in a way that is appropriate.

Why You Should Display Your Photo Books

Photo books are not only the perfect way to hold and immortalise your social media memories, but they are also beautiful specimens in their own right. Full of colour, with a glossy and luxurious look that will set it apart from other books in your household. In this way, you have to find a way to show it off and give it the space that a book like that deserves.

If you have made an Instagram photo book that is beautiful and meaningful, then it would be a shame to simply tuck it away amongst every other book on your shelf. While we cannot actively come over to your place and help you out, we can try our best to give you a few pointers and tips that will keep your book in the spotlight.

The Mantlepiece Scheme

If you have an empty mantlepiece which is calling out for some kind of display, then why not decorate the top with a variety of photo books.  Just think, if you create a photo book every few months, then pretty soon you can have a mantlepiece display which takes you through every stage of your life. Colour coordination can also make this a beautiful centrepiece to your living room, with the possibility to split them into strikingly different colours or merge them together through differing shades and tones. 

Cookbook Stands Are Not Just For Cookbooks

Why is it only cookbooks that get the stand treatment? Sure, they were designed to avoid greasing up the pages and ease up the reading process, but these stands are also perfect for displaying books that are special to you. A photo book that tells your story deserves to be displayed beautifully too, so there is nothing stopping you using a cook book stand to achieve this. Perhaps place one on the coffee table in the lounge and keep it open on your favourite page. This will also encourage guests to pick it up and give it a skim through, meaning you can relive your memories and recount stories with your friends whenever they come over. 

The House Within A House

There is a bit of a trend going on at the moment, involving makeshift bookshelves that are designed to look like miniature houses. These can be a great way to show off a variety of your photo books, not to mention make them look beautiful and cute, as if they have their very own home. Choose from a variety of colours that will match the spines of your photo books and then pick out the wall you want to display them on. These designs can work particularly well in the bedroom or the living room, so find the wall that needs a facelift and go for it.

The Spotlight Is In Plain View

It’s funny, but not many people store their books on their windowsills. These days, they are simply empty spaces seemingly designed for random objects, such as keys, cups, letters, magazines, nails, bolts, paper clips etc. The list just goes on and on. Look at your own windowsill right now and see what we mean. If it is clear and used for décor, then congratulations, but it could be even better. Displaying your photo book on a deep windowsill can be a great way to keep it as a prominent object in your household. What’s more, the sun is the perfect natural spotlight. Whenever you open it up and take a look, the lighting will do a great job to showcase the contents and make them shine.

The Yearly Ladder

Ladders are storage and interior design tools that can be found in many homes, and they are perfect for photo books. They ordinarily have around three to four tiers, so you have the opportunity to layer each step with a year of photo books. This will give the effect of cohesion and growth; as the photo books move up the years, so too does your own life which is embedded within the pages. You can even finish up with your favourite photo book, perhaps themed around yourself and your partner or a vacation that you will never forget. However you choose to layer the ladder, it will be sure to catch eyes and be a magnificent centrepiece within your home.


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