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How to decorate a small bedroom

Go bold.

When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, interior designers often suggest going bold. They also recommend reserving wall space for a handsome bookshelf and using artwork to show off your personality.

Of course, the books and artwork you choose needn’t be pricey. And while framed snapshots or store bought posters may hint at your individuality and brighten your walls, we’d like to propose something out-of-the-ordinary to make your bedroom look even more distinctively you. And joyfully express your unique character and point of view.

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It’s child’s play.

Imagine: with a few quick clicks you assemble hundreds, perhaps thousands of your favorite images and posts from Facebook or Instagram and immortalize them in a gorgeous full-color hardcover Photo Book. One you’d be thrilled to display face out to decorate your new bedroom bookshelf.

Once upon a time telling the story of your life and giving it pride of place in any room, small or large, was hard work. It meant devoting hour after hour to jotting down your thoughts, rounding up photo illustrations, laying it all out and paying a pretty penny to get your memories printed, bound and published.

My Social Book makes it child’s play to do just that.

Picture this.
By which we mean the decorative magic of images you bring to life with My Social Mosaic.

Just choose an image you’d like to transform and display. It could be your Facebook profile picture, a family portrait or just about any photo or illustration that strikes your fancy.

Then select your personal Facebook or Instagram image bank or pick one of our preselected themes.

In seconds your highlighted image turns into an eye-popping mosaic — your image artfully reconstructed from hundreds of thumbnail-sized miniatures.

Make yours a one-of-a-kind poster or convert it to a magnificent canvas or metal print. Whichever you choose, your awesome new work of art adds striking decor to even the smallest bedroom wall.

What you see is what you’ll get.
Imagine your most playful, most captivating photos from social media, the cloud or your phone — images that celebrate you, your friends and family at your best. Now picture them framed and mounted side by side on a small bedroom wall, printed on glorious matte finish, super glossy or heavy-weight superior quality stock.

The memories you create with My Social Prints are durable, colorfast and a joy to behold. (Even better, any photo captions you’ve added are retrieved automatically from your social networks.)

And when My Social Prints adorn your bedroom wall you no longer have to scroll madly through your phone to show them off. Everyone who visits your room can enjoy them the moment they walk in.

Create your very own masterpiece 

Why settle for humdrum art reproductions or mass-produced maps or cards to decorate your bedroom walls when My Social Book lets you create your very own masterpiece? Give even the smallest bedroom a spectacular personal touch with My Social Book Photo Books, Photo Mosaics or Photo Prints. They’re the perfect way to make a big statement on a tiny budget.


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