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Facebook has a way about including so many features, including videos and images, that we sometimes just snap away with our cameras and camera phones, upload everyt1hing and leave it to the infinite archive on the platform.

Social networks are unique in that they all highlight something different. For some, it’s just a few words and for others it’s about images.

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Our online albums from concerts, graduations and weddings are always great for a moment to take to reminisce, but it means so much more to us if when we have these special moments in the palm of our hands to not have it on a device. It’s the difference between having a moment to share via a file transfer and having a moment to share via a printed photograph. Printing these moments is what breathes life into them.

It’s what sets the moments apart from those snapshots we take and upload because we didn’t want to write everything down, for example, or we needed a reference to use in order to map our way through a new city. Some things stay in digital space, but others leap from the screen and into our laps in a photobook.

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Your best moments in the book of you

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The means to make these special moments come to life is what is truly lacking at times. Moreover, there are so many photos to go through, so categorizing them all can be a bit of a daunting task.

It’s times like these when we realize the importance of leaving some images forever to dwell in infinite digital space, while others need to be with us, in physical form. Although we don’t think of it all at the time, all these photos really do add up.

With so many moments inscribed in digital space, we don’t too much think to print and compile them. Sure, maybe a slideshow will work for an event, but there’s something about having the photo in a printed version and among others that makes sharing the memories even more, well, memorable

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Make your photobook real.

Here’s where our app comes in! With My Social Book, you can create your own photobooks of all those memories on Facebook spanning all your years of activity. How do you go about making the memories come true to life in printed form, you ask?

Well, it's a cinch!

You can now create a digital scrapbook with just the click of a button. Here’s how you get started : Its very easy to make your photobooks

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Log on to My Social Book at www.mysocialbook.com with
your Facebook account

After logging in, the app collects
images throughout different blocks
of time on your timeline

Once you've chosen your Photo Book
type, select whatever posts and images
you wish to include or omit

The advantages of making a photobook this way are endless.

While editing, you can create the printed photobook of your dreams. Add colors, designs and themes using our integrated scrapbook tutorial. We also have several pre-made layouts to choose from. You can create larger albums that hold all events gathered over time or create mini albums that are based on a certain event during a preferred period of time. If you can think of it, we can provide it. It’s simple, quick and guaranteed to satisfy because, hey, you’re the one who gets to make it!

There truly is something for everyone with My Social Book. Scrapbooks come in standard sizes with protector pages. We also offer patterned paper and you can choose from the color scheme of your choice. The photobook is an extension and expression of you, and with My Social Book you have to chance to get it just right.

Time’s a-wastin! Log on to My Social Book now and see what creative Facebook photo story you can tell through a personalized, printed photobook. Be creative!

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Make a photo album book online. Your custom book, few clicks away! Create simple or elaborate personalized photo books with our photobook app ❤️

What is the best app for making photo books?

My Social Book's photo book editing tool is the one to go. A simple path to create the best quality books at a great price. Our books start at $14 (and let's agree, printing memories is price less).

Which are the best photo books?

Great quality, modern design and attractive prices are what My Social Book is known for: Our printing facilities, both in the US and in Europe have rigorous quality control processes to make sure your photo book is up to standard. At our company, quality is key.

What is the easiest site to make photo books?

Our photo book editing tool makes the whole process seamless. You'll get your photo book made automatically in seconds, and your only job is having fun picking the color and the cover designs. There isn't a simpler editing tool than ours!



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