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3 Reasons Photo Books Make The Best Gifts

A book with a camera on top of it 

Finding the perfect gift for people we care about can be difficult. Often, we resort to the basics. A box of chocolates, a mug with a crude joke, a bouquet of supermarket flowers. Unless your friend is a chocolatier, a potter or a florist, none of those gifts really have meaning. What’s more, all of them will disappear eventually. The chocolates will be devoured, the flowers displayed and then chucked in the trash. Heck, even the mug will only have a few outings before you pass it up for another mug which doesn’t make guests question your life choices.  

So how do you get someone a gift with meaning? What does meaning even mean? Well, the things that we love in our life have meaning. Friends, family, partners. The people we usually get gifts for are the very things that have meaning for us in the first place. That’s why photo books are so perfect. We take beautiful pictures for social media, all of which capture those moments, the people we care about, the good times we’ve had together, but they exist only inside the cloud. Photo books completely bypass this little hiccup, making our memories something real, tangible, and perfect for the person you want to celebrate them with. Here’s a few reasons why they make such a good gift.

They Are Something To Hold

Photo books make immaterial material. Say, for instance, a friend’s birthday is coming up. You want to create an Instagram photo book that captures your holiday in Bermuda. On Instagram, you can see the both of you on the beach, in the bar, asleep on the couch with a pineapple on your head, asleep on the verge with a pineapple on your head, or all the other pictures you thought you had deleted. They’re funny and memorable, but they don’t quite belong to you anymore. Instead, they exist inside the cloud, only available if you were to click the right tab and scroll. In many ways, they’re still just memories floating around at the back of the head. 

But making a photobook can change all of that. A photo book will take those memories from the cloud and bring them back to earth for the person to hold, to touch, to remember. It will become part of their home, either sitting on the coffee table or resting neatly on the shelf, available for anyone to pick up and look at. By turning the metaphysical into the physical, you have made sure those memories last forever. Even the sleepy pineapple ones. Although whether you want those to last forever is a different thing.

You Make Sure Nothing Is Lost

The other reason photo books are so good is because they ensure nothing can be lost. It’s easy enough for someone to go on Facebook and delete all the photographs that are not so interesting anymore. They might want a blank slate. A more streamlined experience for people viewing their profile. After all, those images were from years ago and they’re sure they still exist somewhere else, backed up on a phone or a hard drive. Only they aren’t. Those pictures that they deleted are the only ones in existence and although they didn’t realise it, there are some gems in there which should never have been forgotten. An old pet in the corner of the room. A passed-on grandparent with a beaming smile. A forgotten friend they should get back in contact with. 

By placing someone’s social media pictures into a social book, you can make sure that nothing is deleted and nothing is forgotten. You are ensuring the longevity of their memories. Even those pictures which they didn’t think they cared about. 

They Are A Talking Point

Whether it be a birthday, anniversary or a work leaving drinks, there will always be a collection of pictures you can form together into a photobook. One of the best things about this is that it then becomes a talking point. When your friend or loved one has a row of gifts to open, we all know the best one will get the whole party interested and talking. You don’t want to be the wacky bottle opener which is briefly admired for a few seconds and then placed on the ever-growing pile of presents beside them. Instead, you want to be the person with the photo book. The one responsible for getting everyone looking through the pages and laughing, smiling and remembering. The photo book gift is a talking point, not just for the party, but for every other time that person opens it up and shares the memories inside of it.

So, there we have it. Three reasons why photo books are the best gifts, although rest assured there are many more. Make sure the next time you are tempted by one of those crude mugs, you give the photo book a look first. Or buy both. You can never have enough funny mugs to never use. But remember the photo book will never be left to gather dust. It will be cherished forever. Just in the way our memories should.


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