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7 Best NYE Party Themes to Bring in 2024

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It’s coming up to Christmas, so you’re probably frantically buying Christmas presents and wondering why the heck you suggested doing the cheese board this year – seriously, when did cheese become so expensive?!

But while all that noise is going on in your head, hopefully you’re making room for that little event taking place 6 days after Christmas is over – New Year’s Eve. 

Compared to Christmas, this is one of the easier events to organize, but that doesn’t mean you should wing it. For photographers, especially, this is a great chance to put on a bit of a show and bring in the New Year in style. It might not result in a photo book as varied as Christmas, but it could easily lend to a cute, square photo book to round off your 2023. 

So what themes can create a stylish NYE to remember? Here are seven to get you started.

Times Square at Home

The biggest NYE celebration in the US always takes place in Times Square, but not everyone can make the festivities. If you can’t make it to NYC to watch the ball drop this year, then why not recreate it at home? All you need is confetti, some skyscraper props, Manhattans, and your own New Year’s Eve ball. Oh, and a few thousand people shoving into you and an overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia!

Winter Wonderland

Because NYE happens just one week after Christmas, you can save yourself some effort by merging two parties into one. With some snowflake decorations, pine garlands, baubles, and a silvery blue color palette, your house can become an enchanting winter wonderland. This is also a beautiful idea if you want to add a bit of class and elegance into the equation. Oh, and it means you can keep the Christmas tree up for another week, so your SO can’t nag you! 

The Roaring Twenties

We’ve mentioned the “Great Gatsby” theme quite a bit on this blog, but when you upload these pictures to our photo book maker, you’ll see exactly why we harp on so much about it. With glamorous flapper dresses, art-deco ornaments and Gatsby-inspired photo booths, your NYE is going to be the most glamorous in town. And hey, you’ve got to take advantage of the twenties while we’re living in them – there’s no “roaring thirties”!

All That Glitters is Gold

If you want something that really packs a punch for your social media or photo book, then gold is always the answer. When we say gold, we mean gold decorations, gold fringe curtains, gold balloons and, of course, a lot of gold champagne! If you want to go all out, you can even invest in some edible gold leaf for cakes, or look up a few food ideas that include champagne in the recipe. Anything gold will go, so be creative with it!

Club Tropicana (Drinks Aren’t Free!)

If the four themes we’ve just discussed are not focused enough, you could hop onto the “Club Tropicana trend”, which has found its way into several parties in 2023. Ever since Lewis Capaldi released his Forget Me music video, which paid homage to the late great George Michael, people around the world have been rediscovering this song and using it as a theme for social gatherings. What better way to bring in 2024 than in a pair of swim-shorts with a pink cocktail in one hand?

In A Barbie World

Every year, you’ll find plenty of NYE parties that riff off the biggest trend in pop-culture that year. In 2023, that has to be the Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Thankfully for you, this should be pretty easy. All you need is an over-abundance of the color pink, and that’s pretty much it! This is also a great one if you want some amusing guest photographs – each of your guests must come to the party dressed as either Barbie or Ken. No exceptions!

Kickin’ It 80s

Lastly, one of the most popular NYE themes is the 1980s, and this doesn’t look set to change going into 2024. You can achieve this theme with wacky 80s costumes, ridiculous 80s haircuts, and maybe even some cool 80s-style shades. If you’re worried that you don’t look good in selfies, don’t worry, because everyone will look ridiculous here! Along with these costumes, you can add some neon decor, retro photo booths, and some throwbacks to our favorite 80s celebs, including Prince, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, and the legend himself, David Bowie. Partying into 2024 by harkening back to the good old days of the 1980s? Totally tubular!


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