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7 Predictions For Photography's Future

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The future is hard to predict at the best of times. Like a hat in a hurricane, it never stays still. It swoops and glides wherever the wind takes it, and nailing down exactly where we’re going to be - even ten years from now - is almost impossible.

But that’s not the case for everything, however. If we’re looking at photography, there are certain trends over its 200 year history – and indeed the last twenty years of history – that can give us a few hints about where we’re going to end up. 

Of course, none of this changes anything. It’s not something any oracle will be writing home about any time soon. But it’s a fun and interesting task for any budding photographer to get to grips with where we might be in around ten years from now. Not to mention, it gives you plenty of time to get prepared! 

With this in mind, here’s our predictions on seven ways photography will change over the next decade…

It Will Look Better

Starting with the most obvious of points, photography is bound to look better in ten years’ time. Since the very beginning, the quality of cameras has been developing alongside technology, giving us crystal clear photographs that make scenes as realistic as we see them. This is bound to continue. Every year, our camera phones get better lenses, stronger sensors, smarter chips, and so on. So when you’re taking a selfie in ten years’ time, you better believe you’ll be catching all of those hairs and graces!

There Will Be A Move To Vintage

In terms of movements, we’re willing to wager there will be an influx of vintage photography. As technology moves on, so too does the nostalgia for the past grow. This is why we still see film photography and vintage filters on Instagram. Modern photography is amazing, but that classic, grainy look still gives a texture and atmosphere to pictures which is hard to beat.

This Will Drive A Demand For The Physical

Following on from this, the rise in vintage photography will likely drive a demand for physical albums. Once again, this is already being seen today. So many people love converting their Instagram photos into their very own Instagram photo books, simply because they want to have something they can touch. As the world gets more digitised, everything personal to us exists in the cloud. It is likely that, in the future, more and more people will be wanting to move toward traditional photo albums like the photo book and keep their memories alive and close to them. 

The Camera Will Die

Okay, this prediction is a bit dramatic. But it’s true. Or, at least, it’s partly true. We don’t think cameras will become obsolete or anything, but there will certainly be less people snapping away on the streets. Camera-phones are becoming the best and most efficient method of taking photographs. The technology is brilliant and – in most cases – on par with the average camera.  Similarly, it’s far easier to immediately upload your portfolio onto social media, either to connect with your friends or to subsequently transfer to your physical photo book. 

The Professionals Will Have To Adapt

Whilst the development of technology is exciting for many professional photographers, it’s not exactly all good news. With excellent cameras now existing in smartphones, nearly everyone is getting involved in photography and improving their craft. This is leading to a diminished need for professional photographer hire, and as the future gets closer, this trend will only grow stronger. This may seem a bit pessimistic, but it can be seen as an opportunity. In order to stand out, professional photographers will have to continue building their craft and find new ways of appealing to potential clients. It’s an opportunity for development, in many ways, and so it should be grasped with both hands.

There Will Be A Rise In AI (Because It’s The Future)

Of course, we can’t talk about the future without discussing AI – although we’ll leave out the hoverboards and flying cars for now. A couple of decades ago, artificial intelligence was just a lazy plotline in a Hollywood movie, but it is now a very real thing. Right now, improvements like autofocus and colour balance are achieved through AI, and its relationship with photography is only going to get stronger. This could include AI-powered filters, editing software and even subject identity. It’s undeniable that our cameras are going to get smarter and help us take even more beautiful photographs… before they get too smart for their own good and take over the world. Good ol’ Hollywood!

Docu-Photography Will Be The Top Movement

We’ve mentioned the rise of the vintage movement, but this will not be the only photography trend which will hit our streets. We reckon that docu-photography will also have a good bite of the apple. It is already making a big comeback in social-media photography, and this will likely continue as the world cares more about real situations, subjects and reactions. Docu-photography is the best way to capture the world in its purest form and, with the rise of digitalisation and (most probably) misinformation, this will become even more important in the future.


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