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7 Reasons Why Night Photography Is Perfect For Beginners 

skyline in the evening

Getting into photography can be a little scary, especially in 2023, when more than 95 million pictures are posted on Instagram every day!

But photography isn’t really about standing out from the crowd. It’s about taking pictures that you’re happy with and building your skills at a comfortable pace.

That being said, posting your work on Instagram can still be daunting, which is why we’ve figured out a way to get around it. 

In our opinion, night photography is one of the best ways to make your photographs look more professional quicker. This might sound a little unbelievable to some photographers, especially with all those articles on the web discussing the difficulty of night photography. But we believe that, with the right tactics, night photography can actually be the perfect “insurance” canvas, ensuring your first Insta portfolio or square photo book looks beautiful, no matter what.

Still don’t believe us? Here are 7 reasons night photography is perfect for beginners and how you can start today:

Fewer Crowds, More Space

If you live in a city and have been working out how to do urban photography, one of your biggest snags has probably been the people themselves. There are so many of them! After a while, finding the space to take your pictures can get a little hard, especially when we’re talking about angles and framing. At night, however, those crowds are gone. It is often just you and the streets, with all the space you need to find your angle.

Everything Starts To Pop!

As well as this, what you’re taking a picture of looks a lot better. Locations that looked drab and uninteresting in the day can suddenly look dramatic at night, especially in cities or towns, where they’re all lit up and sparkling underneath the dark skies. All you have to do is pick out your favorite spots and see how they have changed. If you do this then, as a beginner, your shots can look even more stunning without putting in any more effort than you would in the day.

The Light Is On Your Side

Speaking of lights, even if you live in the countryside, the natural light is on your side. When you’re a beginner, light is one of the hardest things to get right. You have to factor in where the sun is, where it sits in conjunction with your shots, golden hours, seasons, everything. At night, however, all of this goes away. The sun is gone. It’s always dark. And all the artificial lights aren’t going to be changing. This gives you much more time to shoot and more opportunity to get a good shot.

The Weather Is Too!

Just as the light is on your side, so is the weather. How often have you waited for the golden hour to take some beautiful shots, only to find the weather is overcast and the day looks rather gloomy? Once again, this doesn’t matter in the slightest during the nighttime. No matter what the weather is, you can get some beautiful shots.

Cool Photography Effects Become Easier

So far, we’ve talked about getting out there and letting the good shots come to you. But what if you still want to put your skills to the test a little? Well, night photography allows you to achieve amazing night-time effects that aren’t doable during the day. These include light trails, motion blur, and light painting, all of which you can learn to do pretty simply and put to the test when the sun goes down.

You Can Reclaim Your Schedule

Another good thing about night photography is that you can reclaim your schedule. One of the hardest things about being a beginner photographer is that you’re trying to fit it in amongst your busy schedule. Once again, this can mean you miss critical photography times such as the golden hour, sunrises, or sunsets. Unless you work a night shift, however, you won’t be very busy at night. This means you have the time to get some great shots while also managing to fit everything into your schedule.

You Will Stand Out 

Lastly, you have to factor in that not many photographers shoot at night. This means that, if you plan to upload these photographs to social media or a photo book maker, your photos are bound to look more unique and individual. In other words, you’ll find it a lot easier to stand out on platforms like Instagram or Facebook – especially if you’ve taken the time to ensure your night photography is as perfect as it should be!


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