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Everything You Should Include in a Summer Photo Book

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The countdown has officially begun. In just a few days, across the US, the clouds will part and the sun will beam for the first time in what feels like months. 

Well, it won’t be quite like that, but there will be a noticeable shift in the weather. The world around us will grow more colorful, the beaches more packed, the vibes more happy and carefree. That’s what’s so wonderful about summer, and that’s why you should be holding your smartphones at the ready. 

Every year, summer has a wealth of opportunities for a budding photographer, and even more if you’re looking to make a summer photo book. So with this in mind, we’ve listed out everything you should be snapping from the 20th of June to the 22nd of September. Because believe us, the time will fly by!

Fourth of July Celebrations

One of the most exciting things about summer takes place only two weeks after the season officially begins. We’re talking, of course, about the Fourth of July, which celebrates all things USA with fun fairs, firework displays, barbecues, and a sense of patriotic camaraderie that reaches fever-pitch for one day only. Really, you could upload a full ‘Fourth of July collection’ to our photo book maker, but if you’re just looking to make a well-rounded summer photo book, then this is a day that has to be included.

Road Trip Escapes

If you’ve been wanting to go on a US road trip – only you’ve been putting it off – then summer is the best time to do it. With flowers blooming and the sky a piercing blue, a US road trip is a great way to escape from real life for a little bit and just soak in the country’s landscapes. It also gives you some great photo opportunities, especially if you’re taking some of the most scenic routes like the Pacific Coast Highway, Route 66, or Blue Ridge Parkway.

Park Sunsets

Speaking of trips, we’re in the midst of a ‘photography hikes’ series that covers all the best hikes across the many US National Parks. In nearly every blog, we recommend taking some photographs during sunset. This is the best time to capture a beautiful landscape bathed in golden hues, with long shadows adding depth and drama, and the sky ablaze with vibrant orange and yellows. If you’re wondering exactly which National Parks are the best for photographers, take a look back at our blogs and see for yourself!

Outdoor Concerts

The US hosts a number of fun, diverse summer festivals, with some of the best including the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Coachella, Lollapalooza, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. For the photographer, these events offer a treasure trove of visual delights, captivating moments, and some pretty unique costumes that will transfer brilliantly to a photo book!

Summer Fashion

We mentioned before that summer is known for the happy, carefree vibes that it radiates, and this is exemplified by the clothes that people wear. Across the country, countless fashion trends emerge during the summer months, from classic beachwear on the West Coast to chic sundresses on the East. This is a time when people let their fashion sense flower and their personalities shine, and it’s your job as a photographer to capture these colors in all their glory. 

Urban Explorations

This follows on from our last point, but if you want to really get a sense of summer fashion, we’d recommend travelling to any one of the big cities dotted around the country. New York, for instance, is a fashion hotspot that is renowned for its bustling streets, scenic landmarks, and summertime energy. If you go out and about during a summer afternoon, you’re bound to capture some great fashion photos, perhaps with a backdrop of the Statue of Liberty or Times Square. The choice is yours!

Romantic Wildlife

You might be wondering what we mean by ‘romantic wildlife’. No, we’re not asking you to photograph the mating season – unless you’re making a nature documentary – we’re talking about the kind of wildlife that evokes a sense of wonder and beauty. 

Fireflies are a great example here. Every summer, certain parts of the US are lit up by these magical critters, creating a mesmerising display that radiates an atmosphere of romance and intrigue. If you happen to find yourself in a firefly hotspot this summer, this is something you should absolutely try to photograph. And even if you’re not, perhaps take a road trip that includes one of these destinations. After all, if you’re following our advice, you’re already taking a road trip, so you might as well kill two birds with one stone. Or two insects. Only no killing!


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