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Google Photos for MacBook

People keep years worth of photos on their Google Drives and MacBooks, so they can take trips
down memory lane and relive life’s special moments.

As the years have gone by you might have run out of space on your MacBook for all the photos
you have taken. You might use the cloud to store your photos for safekeeping, to avoid losing all of
your memories if your MacBook crashed or you accidentally wiped them from your hard drive.
The dedicated Google Photos app for MacBook makes it easy to sync all of the photos stored on
your Mac, making sure you always have a backup of photos you can access anytime and across
multiple devices. It also means you can store photos from non Apple devices in the same place in
the cloud - great for if you want to combine collections from different family members or friends
who use Samsung, Huawei or other Android devices.

Google Photos Apple iOS Mac App

Google Photos is a great way to easily browse your photo albums without trawling through
endless file names and folders. But with so many photos stored together and a whole lot of
memories it can be difficult to decide which ones you’d like to put into a photo book. What story
do you want to tell? What memories do you want to focus on?

Here are some ideas of different Google photo books you could create with Google Photos (you
could even keep these in mind when taking photos with your iPhone or deciding how to edit and
categorize your photos on any photo storage app):

Wedding photo book: one of the greatest days, full of memories and people who made it
special. You can include photos of the wedding cake, venue, friends and family, the first dance and
all the moments that made it a magical day to remember.

Wedding Photos

Family photo book: fill the pages of your photo book with all the beautiful moments you’ve spent
together as a family, including birthdays, hikes, vacations, family baking time, moments that made
you laugh, children’s artwork.

Memory photo book: a modern scrapbook and a wonderful way to bring all your cherished
memories together in one keepsake.

Graduation photo book: every party, friendship and great moment captured in one book, to
commemorate your golden college years.

Baby photo book: remember every incredible second, from the first time you held their tiny hand
to the time they took their first tiny step.

Kids Book

Anniversary photo book: show them how much you care by giving your partner a thoughtful gift
full of all the memories you’ve made together. Photo books make a great gift for the paper
wedding anniversary, which is the first wedding anniversary.

Friendship photo book: relive all the hilarious moments with your friends who have been with you
through the good times and the bad. Friendship photo books are a beautiful personalized gift to
give to those who mean the most to you.

Birthday photo book: milestone birthdays are a great time to look back on and reminisce. Include
every photo (even the embarrassing baby ones!) to commemorate the special occasion. 


Pet photo book: our furry friends are part of the family, and they grow up just as quickly!
Remember how small they were when you first brought them home? Create a keepsake of all the
cutest photos.


Yearbook photo book: a lot can happen in a year, it’s easy to forget the memories that symbolized
it! Collect all the best moments and present the story of your year. You can split up the photo
book by month or create themed pages for birthdays, family events, vacations, dining out.

Vacation photo book: collect together all of your best vacation photos including tourist
attractions, beautiful scenery and delicious local cuisine.

Google Photos allows you to access your entire database of photos from any device, so it’s a great
digital archive that can be called upon any time for photo book printing, to celebrate a milestone
moment or look back on special memories.


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