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My Social Book Fun Facts

In 2010, Nicolas wanted to give a meaningful gift to his girlfriend. He realized that their story together is right there, in the Facebook archives, so thanks to his skills as a developer, he could create an algorithm that allowed him to automatically retrieve and chronologically lay out their data posted on Facebook, and have them printed so that he can offer a priceless memory book to her. That's how the My Social Book Concept was created!

With over 10 years of history, here are some facts about us!

- A sneak peek? We generated more than 30 million books so far! 

- 634.000 books sold around the globe! If laid out one after the other, there are books enough to connect New York to Miami or Seattle to Los Angeles!

- 70% of our customers are in the USA

- Blue is the most popular cover color, followed by pink and black

- An average book has 140 pages, 560 photos and takes 15 minutes to be created

Do you know how many pages your book would have?

We love helping you keep your memories in a beautiful keepsake and we look forward to being with you for many years to come.


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