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How To Make A Photo Book For Father's Day

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Father’s Day is just around the corner. June 18th, to be precise. This time, instead of getting your Dad some barbecue utensils, a few bottles of beer, or some batteries for the TV remote, why not go for something that’s actually meaningful?

Ok, alright, that’s not fair. Barbecue utensils are meaningful. Especially for a Dad – they’re pretty much sacred. But that’s not to say you can’t go one step further. A photo book curated from a platform like Instagram could be just the trick to get into your Dad’s good books. 

Not to mention, it’s something emotional. Yes, yes, we know Dads don’t typically like to show emotion – well, unless they’re given barbecue utensils – but a photo book is the most likely tool you have to get a tear out of those old, dry eyes!

But how do you make one? Well, if you want to make an Instagram photo book for your old man, there are certain things you have to include to make it truly special. Below, we’re going to take you through what we believe is the perfect Father’s Day photo book, ensuring that you and your Dad share a good few laughs (and tears) for years to come:

The Old School Dad

As your photo book maker, we like creating photo books with a strong story. In this way, you should start your book with photographs of your dad that go way back. Show him in his youth, growing up, becoming the man he is today, and then add in a few photographs of him holding you as a baby for the first time. This is sure to eek out a tear or two! Not because it's sentimental, but because he’ll be looking at how young he once was. Sob!

The Sleeping Dad

Once this is done, you can start to venture into how much of a Dad your Dad is. What do we mean by that? Well, while every Dad is different, there are always things that every Dad does. Sleeping being number one. Seriously, Dads can find literally anywhere to sleep. On the couch, at the table, standing up in the kitchen – probably after a few Christmas drinks! Let’s make this part of the book fun and light hearted with a few funny  “Sleeping Dad” pictures – because, let’s be honest, you’ve got quite a lot of them, haven’t you? 

The Slightly Tiddly Dad

Speaking of Christmas drinks, it’s important to use this photo book to show off your Dad’s fun side. Gather as many photographs as you can of him enjoying himself. At a birthday, during the holidays, out on the town with his friends. He doesn’t have to be tiddly in any of them, the point is to show your Dad being happy. Fun. Bubbly. He’s still a kid at heart, so show him in his most entertaining –  and perhaps a little immature!

The Dog Whisperer Dad

Remember, your Dad is not just a Dad to you, nor to your siblings, either. If you have a pet dog or cat, then it’s likely that he’s as much their Dad as he is yours – despite the fact he didn’t even want them in the first place! If you’ve followed our guide on how to shoot better family photographs, then it’s likely you’ve got some pictures of your Dad playing with the animals, or cosying up with them on the couch. Make sure these moments are given the space in the photo book to sparkle.

The DIY Dad

For some reason, every Dad loves to think of himself as a certified contractor from another life. We have no idea why, but they do. But it’s good for you, as you can celebrate this most Dad-ish of traits with a few pictures in your Father’s Day photo book. If you have any pictures of your Dad with the tool box, or working underneath the car as you passed him the spanners as a kid,  then get them in there and show off his finest moments. 

The (Insert Activity Here) Loving Dad

It’s also important to use the photo book to really showcase your Dad outside of being a Dad. That is to say, your Dad probably has a fair few hobbies. Whether it’s playing golf with the boys, painting, running, or simply mowing the lawn on a summer’s evening, make sure to show off what your Dad loves best and make the photo book a little capsule of his entire personality.

The Loving Dad 

Lastly, we’re going to end things by going for the jugular. Make sure you finish off with photographs of you and your Dad together. The quiet moments, the nice moments, the moments that make you look back and smile. These are the moments that really matter and, truthfully, they are what this photo book is all about. Thank your Dad for everything he has done for you by showing the love you have for each other, rounding everything off with a heartfelt flourish… and maybe some barbecue utensils alongside. Then he’ll be doubly happy!


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