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The Ultimate Guide to Scrapbooking for Beginners

Scrapbooking is a centuries-old tradition that you can take up in your spare time. There are a few things that you should know about how to scrapbook, though, such as the creation of scrapbook pages and how to protect them with page protectors and double-sided tape later, or how to harmoniously create layouts with colored papers to make a beautiful scrapbook album.

Checking on the internet is a fantastic idea, but there's nothing better for scrapbooking ideas than going to the craft store and check through the patterned papers of bright colors to get some inspiration. Explore the different tools and embellishments available, from vinyl pages with photos on them, all the way through leather covers like those seen at an antique store!

You'll need some items for this craft: paper (for the scrapbook pages, of course!), glue stick or spray adhesive; scissors; paper cutter, decorative elements such as lace borders, punch out circles, images, metal, dies, markers, pens and paintbrushes.

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Scrapbooking Materials


What is scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is also used to mark historical accounts both personal and familial. It can contain even newspaper clippings. Scrapbooking is a way to personalize and visualize the life you're going through for future reference, be it your best memories from a lifetime, or an specific event (such as a travel scrapbook or a romantic wedding scrapbook).

Personalizing your scrapbook is completely based on your preferences. It is commonplace to see scrapbooks decorated with different photographs and magazines clips, art and other decorative materials. As photographs evolved the goal of preserving the important information grew over time through different albums, a scrapbook would do the same, but more artistically.

Some benefits of scrapbooking:

• Uncovering a new hobby or activity for your spare time

• Recording memories from events and holidays

• Finding creative ways to personalize your space, spread inspiration, and organize ideas

• Allows an unlimited amount of creativity as there's no right way to scrapbook

The history of scrapbooking

The term "scrapbook" was first used in the 19th century to describe books where you could paste various material which recorded an interesting story. With photography becoming more common, people began taking pictures of events or their families and putting them into scrapbooks - this led us now have what we know as photo albums! Scrapbooking as we know it today is not necessarily the first of paper crafts although many scrapbooks have an ancestral origin in its history.

More benefits of scrapbooking:

• Express your creativity and personality

• Keep all of your memories in one place

• Capture moments that will be lost forever

• Help keep loved ones alive through pictures and memories


Scrapbooking Stamps


Scrapbooking in modern times

Scrapbooking today has an innate feeling of care as it's a paper craft that many make to escape stress and the rush and bustle of life. Advancements in scrapbooking take the form of different cutting methods and additional innovations in other embellishments. Scrapbooks don't always cover everything in somebody's life and they'll never require professional skills. If you want to post a photo on either side in a blank book, this could make an excellent scrapbook. Even with the advances visible in scrapbooks you can find peace in the past and start scrapbooking just with a few colored pencils.

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Now let's talk more about some great tips on how to scrapbook!


Man Scrapbooking


Choose your topic

Think of the moments you want to document that happened to you. Once you have your story or theme then choosing other things is much simpler. For instance, think of the first time your child swung a baseball bat. Or what it felt like to watch them run for their school's track team.

Every memory you wish to last forever is a good candidate to be made a full topic on your scrapbook album.

Choose your photos

The more photos the better. Feel free to include no pictures that are related to your subject. Your scrapbook will be so much better with more photos in it! Include pictures of your friends and families, pets, vacations, and anything else you can think of. It doesn't matter if they're blurry or not, sometimes those are the best ones! Your scrapbook will be so much fun when you see how it develops!

Step-by-Step Guide

This article provides details about what is the easiest way to make a scrapbook and is suitable for beginners. Scrapbooking can also refer to preserving memory by putting photos, page titles, journaling and decorations into an attractive layout. Each layout you create is called a scrapbook layout or pages. And a scrapbook is simply a collection of scrapbooking layouts or pages put together in an album. This tutorial teaches you how to start with creating your own scrapbook album. So let's start with the basics of scrapbooking.


Cutouts for Scrapbooking



Putting together a scrapbook page

This is a simple way to build your scrapbook pages. Utilize those pieces that you are putting into creating your own original work of art. Learn how to make scrapbook albums in 5 steps!

1- Embellishments

Among the most common embellishments used on papercrafts include stickers, gold gems washi tape, and pattern paper. These elements can be added to your scrapbook for personalization in your style. I often get carried away with collecting adorable stickers and gems so be careful before hoarding a lot like me! Here are some examples of embellishments in my collection: 80's Piece Pink and Gold Love, Themed Stickers, Sets of Abstract and Geometric Gold rhinestones, Sheets of Glitter Alphabet in Tapes, etc...

2- Placement of page elements

For specific themes, it can be best to start with a consistent layout for each page for an organized and cohesive look. For a non-thematic scrapbook where you create each page whenever inspiration strikes you play around with the placement of elements and try to achieve an eye-pleasing arrangement on the background paper. A little planning will prevent you from cutting the photos up to the wrong dimension or realize that you forgot about the space for journaling or committing to a poor layout design. Learn the skills that allow one to create an attractive layout even as a beginner by using scrapbook sketches instead and playing with a few photos prior to gluing them to the real scrapbook pages.

3- Tools and materials

Before you start, keep several pieces of jewelry in one hand to maintain cleanliness. It is a good idea to have a solid and patterned paper that matches the items you are going to archive. We recommend that you look at fine tips and fine-tip paints as a tool and also find strong adhesives where they may be used. Look for archival or acid-free products designed to last longer to protect your pages. Office supplies like labels and envelopes are suitable too. While you can make your own, purchasing an enclosed book is a good idea consider factors such as the binding and the page count.

4- Here are some basic supplies you'll need to get started.

If you are working with children, we recommend you choose a reliable brand for scissors. Have a look at Fiskars. They are good for small hands and not too expensive ($4-$10). The handle should be rubberized so the scissors will stay in your hand when cutting thicker materials. For scrapbook paper choose brands like American Crafts, Heidi Swapp, Making memory, Prima Marketing, etc.. Look at reviews online or magazines that review scrapbook paper. Scrapbooking papers come in different patterns, solid colors, and textures.

If you choose to get a premade scrapbook album, there are plenty in the market that are durable for lots of use and tear especially when working with children's photos. It is well worth it to spend more on something well-made that will last longer because you want your memories preserved for generations.

If you want to preserve your memories seamlessly but don't have a lot of time to feel a scrapbook page, try and create a My Social Book. It's automated and holds all the memories you've shared online. You can check your free preview at any time.

5- Do not limit yourself to using only photos! Think Outside the Box

Some of the very nice most interesting scrapbooks have collections of memorabilia in them. Think ticket slips, card scraps, and receipts from special occasions, ribbons from holiday steps, dried leaves, and flowers. Now is the time to embrace your sentimental side! Take some ideas in mind on the scrapbook you would reuse for decorative things. For example, I have used a Chinese bookmark as a layering element in my scrapbook page to provide some visual interest in the background. Check also some tips from Mei-Ying Chow:




Scrapbooking is one hobby that may take some time or cost a lot but eventually will pay off. Paper is the overall cheapest of the supplies for scrapbooking - from $.50 to $2.00 depending on the type, size, and texture. Stickers vary widely in price depending on the type of decoration or simplicity. Craft shops have weekly sales on various scrapbooking supplies, so look for nice prices on items you need. It is always a good idea to look ahead and get things you can use later. For example, if spring is here and there is a clearance on winter or Christmas items, buy it for the following year.


The guide is meant for beginners who love scrapbooking. With experience comes new methods and an increase in technologies and supplies and materials. Many other embellishments can be used, but they don't fit the scope of this article. It's only a beginning. Your imagination is your limit. The pages can be as simple or complex as you want, you control the pages you create. This is not definitive and the possibilities are endless. Start your scrapbook to:

• Save your memories for future reference

• Leave a legacy or even just an account of your own life to show future generations

• Be creative and absolutely have control over how you want to present the life you're living

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