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The Graduate: How To Make A Photo Book Of Your College Journey

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If you have recently finished your college journey and you’re already missing those late morning wakeups, instant noodle evenings and twenty-four-hour cramming sessions at the library, it sounds like you’re suffering from the classic, post-university hangover. 

This is a common symptom but, thankfully, there is a cure. Missing college is completely normal, especially in those first few months out in the real world. There is a certain amount of comfort about those college years, especially if you were lucky enough to make good friends and actually pass classes, and bringing that comfort back shouldn’t be too difficult. 

As a university student, you more than likely owned a phone and a Facebook page, meaning you’ve got an abundance of photographs which perfectly document your college journey. Creating a Facebook photo book that compiles these memories is a great way to put yourself back in the past and smile at the special times that you had. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how you can make a graduate photo book and recapture the magic of those years. 

The Journey Begins

As with any photo book, it’s important to start things at the beginning and not get tempted to just jump straight into it. Try to find as many pictures as you can that involve the move-in experience. Pictures of your emptied childhood bedroom, your luggage in a packed car and those last few moments with you and your parents before you were left to fend for yourself. These are big moments in anyone’s life, so it’s a good idea to include them and set the scene for the rest of your photo book.

Freshman Week

Although some freshman week activities are best left forgotten – often, we don’t even have a say in that – your first seven days are a significant part of your university journey. They’re also a lot of fun! Try to get as many pictures together as possible, perhaps even asking your friends to use some pictures from their own social media pages. It’s also important to remember that freshman week is the time when you made your friends for the next few years, so this is a good chance to capture those meetings and document the beginning of your friendships.

The Campus

Strangely enough, many graduate photo books or portfolios don’t actually include many pictures of the campus itself, but rather the halls, parties, and days out on the town. The campus, library, and lecture halls, however, play a large part in your university experience, so you should definitely try to include them in your photo book, even if it’s just a picture or two.

There Doesn’t Have To Be A Subject

Sometimes, after college is all over, we seem to remember the littlest of things. Walking back from the store with the week’s shopping, taking a hike on the weekend and stopping to take in the view.  The moments away from the hubbub of university life, where we had a few, quiet seconds to simply take it all in. If you took any photographs during these moments, selfies or otherwise, then they deserve to go into your photo book somewhere. They might not be too interesting for anyone else, but for you, remembering those moments will mean a lot. 

Adventures With Friends

As mentioned previously, another significant part of the college experience is the friends that you make. In this way, don’t feel like your photo book should be set entirely around your college. If you travelled out on road trips or explored the country during the summer, then this should also be included. Remember, this photo book is a way to celebrate your friends and document all of those memories. Your college experience never stopped during these experiences, so they all deserve a spot in your photo book.

Your Achievements

If all went well, your college experience ended in a graduation ceremony, and this is the perfect way to end your photo book, too. A degree is no easy task, and although a lot of university time was likely spent doing anything else other than studying, you did put a lot of work in, and you achieved a lot. Involve pictures of yourself receiving your degree, as well as a few group photographs of you and your friends in your graduation gear. This will round the photo book off nicely, making sure to aptly complete the incredible college journey which takes you all the way from the first to the last page.


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