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3 Reasons A Photobook Is A Perfect Gift Idea For New Parents

Family with a baby 

If you know a couple who have recently become new parents, then buying them a gift is a great way to congratulate them and set them off on the new, exciting and terrifying journey they have in front of them.

Ordinarily, gifts for new parents are both a practical and emotional thing. They could be baby toys that will keep the little one occupied, cute outfits that will keep the baby warm, or even a sleeping aid to ensure they get their rest. Although, whether that’s for the parents or the baby is open to interpretation.

While all of these are perfectly good presents, going for something a bit different and a little bit deeper can be a far more meaningful route to take. After all, those gifts will only last for as long as the baby remains small. Getting something that they can cherish now and appreciate years down the line is sure to be a gift that will be worth every cent. 

That’s why a photo book is our number one pick for a perfect gift idea. For anyone trying to pick out a gift for new parents, this is an inexpensive, fun and beautiful way to put their earliest memories down on the page and immortalise them forever. But why is it so perfect, we hear you ask? Well, here are the three main reasons we think a photo book is a step above the rest:

Time Goes By So Quickly

Any parent will tell you how fast parenthood flies by. One moment your baby’s grasp fits around your little finger, the next it fits around your whole hand, and you’re not really sure how that actually happened. 

Well, it’s very simple. Being a new parent is a rush of emotions, anxieties and excitement, all of which blur into the other and make those first stages of parenthood feel like a bit of a haze when you come to look back. This is a shame, because you want to cherish every waking moment with your new baby, especially when they’re so small and new to the world. 

With a photo book, however, you can not only capture these moments but immortalise them on the page forever. You can make sure that, although their child might have grown up, they can still come back to their earliest stages and revel in all the happy memories they bring. 

The Look-Back Experience

The reason the  first point is so important is because you are giving them the gift of something physical. It’s all very well to take pictures of your baby and post them on social media, but it’s so much more personal and emotional if you have those pictures in your own home, on your own bookshelf. 

This is what you would be giving those parents. Something that not only they can pick up and look at in the future, but their child can too. 

It feels like the days of sitting with your children when they’re all grown up and skimming through old photo albums are behind us. Instead, children will have to go on social media to see all of their past memories, but there’s no intimacy or emotion if it’s done like this. With a baby boy or baby girl photo book gift, you can allow the parent to get that moment with their child years later, when they come to sit down together and flick through the very first pages of their life.

The Other Side Of The Camera

Lastly, a photo book gift for new parents is perfect because it does not have to be dedicated solely to the baby. A lot of the time, the photos of the new-born’s first few months are taken by the mother and father themselves, meaning the entire journey is told through pictures of the baby. This is great, of course. They are the main event after all. But whilst the baby’s journey is being told with the camera, there is a whole other journey that is being missed behind it. 

Gifting a photo book which includes the parents too can be just as moving and meaningful as, when they come to look back at it, the book will show a side to the journey that might have been missed otherwise.

This is a milestone in their life, so being able to gift them a book which shows both their baby and them together can be a great way to present their own milestone to them, making the gift of the photo book all the more special. 


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