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How To Take Baby Photographs

Baby picture 

Taking photographs of children can be one of the most difficult tasks for any amateur (or professional) photographer. The amount of treats, patience and off-the-books bribery needed sometimes reaches atrocious levels. But, believe it or not, there is a task more demanding.

Baby pictures are some of the most adorable yet tricky pictures to take. Unlike children, you can’t bribe a baby with the promise of a Hershey bar. Instead, you have to use your own skill and cunning to snap a picture that works.

If you’re a new parent, it’s likely you’ve already taken around a hundred photographs already. But if you want truly amazing photographs to cherish and put into your own baby boy or baby girl photobook, then here are a few tips to help you out:


First of all, timing is everything when it comes to photographing your baby. If you have caught them at a moment when they are comfortable and relaxed, or if they are looking unbelievably cute while sleeping, then it is definitely the right time to take your phone out and capture them.

In this instance, although it might seem like quite an inane point, remembering to put your phone on silent mode is important. Even a small beep or the snapper sound can distract or wake your baby, so keep things quiet and try to keep them in the moment that you have found them.


If you want your baby to directly acknowledge you, however, then this can lead to a beautiful photograph which can capture their inquisitive features and beautiful eyes. Try to talk to them, but if they are not responding to sound, then light sources have been said to just as easily hold a baby’s attention.

If you have a glowing baby toy or a low battery torch (obviously, not too bright and not shining directly at them), then this can be a good way to bring their attention towards you. Place the light source close to the lens of your phone and it will look like they are looking directly at the camera.


It can be difficult in any photograph to really show a sense of scale. This is a shame when it comes to baby photographs, as their size is what you will want to remember when they are all grown up. A good way to get that sense of scale, however, is by taking a picture of both your baby and someone else. If you ask your partner to cup your baby’s head while they are resting, or if you get someone else to take a picture of you holding your baby, then this is a great way to show just how tiny they really are.

The best method of achieving this in a solid, professional picture is by ensuring to stand in front of a strong light source. Try to hold your baby directly in front of a window, and position yourself so that the light is falling delicately on your baby’s face.


One of the common themes you will spot in baby photographs is the tendency to get as close as possible. These are known as macro shots, and they can be perfect to capture intricate details. If you want to really amplify your baby’s facial features, whether that’s their little button nose or cheeky toothless smile, then crouch down to their eye level and zoom in so that their head blocks any background light and fills the frame.

Alternatively, you can take pictures of other aspects of your baby, such as their toes, feet or hands. Once again, an indication of scale will be great here. Ask your partner to hold your baby’s hand and filter the photograph to make it black and white if you want to make it even more professional.


At the end of the day, any picture of your baby is going to be a beautiful keepsake to document the earliest years of their life. These are just tips for the parents who want to take their baby photos to the next level and make them even more special.

Try to take as many as possible to formulate an abundance of memories. For instance, if you take a picture of your baby at least once every week, then you can go from taking pictures of your baby to pictures of your child. Then, in years to come, you can watch their growth and development in a specifically curated photobook. They grow up so fast, after all, and you want to make sure you savour every moment while they do.


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