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5 Instagrammable Vacation Locations

Holiday landscape

It’s no secret that a holiday abroad costs a pretty penny these days, and sadly (unless you’re Richard Branson) you’re going to have to narrow your options down to just one location. 

But how do you know which is the right location to go for? Would you rather a secluded cobbled street or a wide open vista? A deep mediterranean ocean or a bustling sandstone city? There is no right or wrong answer and, if anything, that makes the whole process of deciding even harder. But there are ways to come to reach a conclusion, and we like to argue that… 

Instagram Is The Answer

If you are an Instagram lover, then the chances are you’ve come across plenty of photographs shot on vacation. These scenic locations are always shot beautifully, filling the frame with sunny, positive vibes and making you unbelievably jealous of the person who has captured them. But why not make someone else jealous for a change? 

If you are planning a vacation but struggling to find out where to go, then choosing somewhere based on its Instagrammable factor alone can be a great idea to narrow it down. Of course, while a lot of vacation locations are beautiful in their own right, not everywhere can translate to Instagram. You want to go somewhere with a wow factor. Somewhere that can bring colour and intrigue to your Instagram page, or maybe even fill the pages of an Instagram photo book that will be based around the vacation itself. 

This is why we have compiled a short list of the most Instagrammable vacation locations out there. Be warned, however, this will make you want to go to every single one of these places. Of course, this kind of defeats the point of this article, but hey ho!

Venice, Italy

If you want an Instagrammable vacation, you can’t really get any better than this. Just thinking of Italy leads to images of beautiful cobbled roads, green stretching vineyards and perfectly cooked margarita pizza. Alright, so that last one wasn’t quite a location, but pizza is still picturesque in its own right (especially if you’re a foodie). 

If you’re trying to narrow down the country, however, then Venice has to be the ultimate location in terms of its beauty. The blue canals, the buildings sprouting from the water, the gondolas paddling through the Grand Canal. It’s just waiting to fill your Instagram feed with colour and vintage vibes.

Banff National Park, Canada

Looking to find somewhere inside Canadian borders? All of Canada’s natural locations are beautiful, but Banff National Park is definitely a must. If you rent out one of the lakeside lodges for a weekend, you will be able to snap a number of incredible scenes, including the ice-capped mountains, the clear blue waters and the luscious green woodlands. And that’s just one photograph.

Yoshino, Japan

Japan is filled with so many Instagram opportunities, it’s likely that your entire feed will be filled up with photographs of cherry blossoms and temples. So much so that you might have to scroll for hours before you find a photograph of an actual human being. 

But who cares, because Japan is idealistic in terms of its inherent beauty and culture. If you make sure to go during the cherry blossom season in the spring, then your Instagram or photo book can be filled with gorgeous pink, sunny colours that are sure to be an eye-catcher.

Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

If you are caught between two minds on a vacation in the UK or a sunny, exotic beach, then don’t panic. Despite any preconceptions, you can actually have both. Cornwall is one of the most beautiful locations in England. In the Lizard Peninsula, specifically, you can photograph an array of beaches with hidden coves and ice-blue waters.  Just be warned, while it may seem like you’re in the Caribbean, the water is both ice-blue and ice-cold, so brace yourself before you go in.

Lisbon, Portugal

While many believe Rome is the one city with seven hills, Lisbon in Portugal is also famous for the same amount, and rest assured they are just as beautiful. The seven hills in Lisbon can give extraordinary views, perfect for the infamous “hotdog legs” shot as you sit gazing above the city. 

Alternatively, you can venture into the city and be met with even more Instagram opportunities. Whether it’s a sandy tramlined street or the bustling Sao Jorge Castle, you’ll be sure to snap something that will fill you with fun, positive memories whenever you come to look back at it.


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