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Turn your online photos into beautiful family albums

Why should photos only live on your Facebook? Remember when you used to create photo albums full of your best photos?

With My Social Book there's no need to make a photo book from scratch, our online software connects with your Facebook or Instagram and fills the pages of your photo book with your pictures.

Include up to ten years’ worth of memories in one book - the perfect way to look back at life's big moments.

Make one for yourself or send as a gift. What are you waiting for?

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Capture all your best moments in a photo memory book

The possibilities for a photo book are endless. As long as you have the photos on your Facebook or Instagram account, My Social Book can create a custom photo book with page after page of memories.


  • Yearbook photo book - so much can happen in a year
  • Wedding photo book- relive the best moments from your big day
  • Friendship photo book - laugh all over again at the best times
  • Baby photo book - capture all their milestones
  • Childhood photo book - watch them grow before your eyes
  • Family photo book- create a beautiful keepsake of family events
  • Anniversary photo book - show them how much you care
  • Vacation photo book - showcase your adventures
  • Graduation photo book - commemorate your college years
  • Pet photo book- a keepsake of their cuteness

Connect your Facebook or Instagram account and fill the pages of a photo book with memories, right here on the My Social Book website.

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What are the best kind of photo books?

The best photo book is one that makes you smile every time you pick it up. It captures all of your best photos and memories in one place.

The best photo book helps you remember the good times and the people and places in your life that bring you joy.

Whether the best photo book for you personally is one to remember your amazing wedding day or to mark years spent laughing together in a beautiful friendship, we can help you create a beautiful high-quality album in seconds that you will cherish forever.

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Give the gift of a personalized photo book

Create a custom photo book gift for friends and family with our easy online software.

Make the perfect gift for a loved one by automatically filling the pages of a photo book with your favorite moments together. Choose a cover style, design and you're ready to go.

Photo books make great gifts for so many occasions - anniversaries, Mother's or Father's Day or thoughtful tokens of gratitude for a grandparent, aunt or uncle. The book sizes can be from 25 pages to over 450!

When creating your photo book, you can use all your social media photos or hand select those from a specific album. Or keep the gift a surprise and use a private album full of your favorite photos!

Not sure what photos to use?Give them a gift voucher so they can create their own photo book themselves and enjoy the fun.

How to create your custom photo book online

There are many ways to personalize your photo book to make it your own.


  • Use our cover designs to create a striking cover with your favourite photos
  • Pick a color for your photo book from our wide range of shades and hues
  • Choose a softcover photo book to stack on your shelf, or opt for a hardcover to proudly display on your coffee table.

Simply connect your Facebook or Instagram account and watch as our algorithm works its magic to bring you a book full of your beautiful photos. It only takes a few seconds to see your photos come to life!

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Which is the easiest photo book to make?

If you're new to photo books why not try our Best-Of Book? It's the quickest and easiest way to create an album of your best moments.

It's our most affordable photo book and a great way to take a trip down memory lane. Our Best-of Book is a photo album of your top Facebook posts that received the most likes and engagement at a great price and beautiful design.

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Where can I make my photo book?

It only takes a few seconds for our algorithm to turn your Facebook or Instagram photos into a photo book.

Want to see how it would look? You can preview your photo book for free.

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