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The best photobook design for every occasion - personalized cover layout and book settings

How do you create a photo book?

My Social Book makes it easy to fill a photo book in seconds with your best Facebook and Instagram photos. 

But there’s so much more to a photobook than just the pictures! Create a personalized photobook in your favorite color, choose your cover and customize your book’s characteristics to make a unique keepsake or a stylish gift.

A range of photobook colors to suit every style

Our wide range of colors means you can personalize your photo book to match your style. Fill your shelves with a multicolored rainbow of photobooks or create a sophisticated collection of muted tones for your coffee table. Find your favorite color, match your photos or go bold and contrast.

We have a color for every mood, occasion and celebration. Which will you choose for your personalized photobook?

Coral –an energizing shade, popular with Instagram photobooks

Yellow – a sunshine yellow to brighten your day, perfect for vacation photobooks

Green –the perfect shade for nature scenes and landscapes

Turquoise –complement photos of the beach with this calming blue

Baby Blue –soft and soothing, ideal for a baby photobook

Blue –a classic, crisp blue

Indigo –a deep and rich color

Purple –a punchy purple 

Beige –a neutral background to let your photos do the talking

Brown –an earthy backdrop for beach and desert landscapes

Eggplant –a luxurious deep purple

Red –make a romantic statement with a bright red relationship photobook

Amaranth –a beautiful deep pink

Pink –a classic pretty pink

Baby pink –a beautiful baby pink for a beautiful baby photobook

Black –the ideal complement to a monochrome photo collection

And now, time for some new colors!

Midnight Blue –a sophisticated navy blue with regal undertones

Royal Blue –a strong cobalt blue to make your photos pop

Vintage pink –a popular color for wedding photobooks

Apple –a crisp green for spring photobooks

Gold – the perfect color for special occasions such as milestone birthdays, weddings, graduations

Halloween- a vibrant orange we introduced especially for Fall photobooks

Color available


Start personalizing


Color schemes for every occasion

Here are some suggestions based on the most popular color combinations:

Vacation photo books

When you want your vacation photos to impress, choose vibrant colors as the backdrop for the stunning scenery.

Coral, yellow, Halloween, turquoise, yellow

Baby photo books

They grow up so fast! Capture all the big moments in a baby photo book.

Soft colors make a beautiful backdrop to all your adorable moments

Baby pink, baby blue, beige, 

Special Occasions

A special occasion calls for a special photobook

Black, gold, vintage pink

Wedding photobooks

These sophisticated hues are a popular choice for wedding photo books. We’ve got a shade to suit every color scheme. 

Midnight blue, vintage pink, eggplant, indigo, amaranth

Anniversaries and relationship photobooks

The colors of love, the perfect shades for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, engagements. Show how much they mean to you

Red, Amaranth, Pink

Rainbow photobook

Many of our customers create striking displays with their photobooks. Create a colorful collection in every shade of the rainbow

Red, Halloween, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple

Personalize your photobook cover

Cover designs

It can be tricky choosing just one photo for your cover. Our range of cover layouts lets you create a personalized photo book, exactly how you envisioned it. Simply choose your favorite layout and photo combination. 




Chic Mosaic

Classic Circle

Full Page




Big and Strip

New York



Cover shapes


Photobook options

Once you’ve decided on the cover design and color scheme, it’s time to choose your type. 

Best Price soft cover

Our standard soft cover but with more affordable paper.

Soft cover

Our most popular photobook option that’s great to build a My Social Book collection with.

The glossy soft cover comes with brighter colours, soft touch and semi-gloss soft paper.

Hard cover

Our glossy hard cover looks great on a coffee table, left out for guests to take a look. 

The hard cover also works well for business photobooks for clients and as a showcase of your work.


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