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My Social Book’s Popularity Grows Amongst Pet Owners and Influencers

Instagram’s animal communities drive new wave of My Social Book customers

Increasing numbers of pet lovers including owners, influencers and animal-related professionals, are using  My Social Book’s web-based platform to create physical books of their pets’ Instagram and Facebook content.


More than 600,000 books have been printed by My Social Book’s 250,000+ global customers in total and pet lovers and animal fans are the latest audiences to use its intuitive automated solution. 


Charles Becquet, CEO  of My Social Book, said: “For many of us, our loyal companions are as important as any other family member. People take photo after photo, so it’s easy to see why My Social Book has become a hit within this fast-growing sector. People love turning their pet’s social media activity to look back on and a pet yearbook is the ideal gift.” 


Pet owners and animal organizations can:


  • Preserve memories

    In less than 45 seconds, families and friends can immortalize their favorite pet photos, videos and other social media content in a personalized printed yearbook.


  • Grow their fan base

    Pet influencers can raise their animal’s profile, professionalize their commercial outreach with pet brands, and reward their community by giving books as prizes.  


  • Engage customers

    Vet practices can print brand books for reception areas, celebrating the practice’s achievements, sharing welfare information and offering an inside look at the team. 


  • Drive loyalty

    Pet manufacturers, stores and retailers, grooming salons, petting zoos, animal charities and other animal services can build strong connections with customers with books.


Charles continues: “There are nearly 85 million households with a pet in the US and 12 million in the UK, so it’s no surprise studies have shown that  50% of pet owners who post about their pets on social media get more attention than stories about themselves.”


My Social Book offers a range of printed products for every member of the family



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