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Tips before turning your social media record into your life book with My Social Book

Now that the holiday season is almost over you can use some of this positive energy

McAdam Family – Introduction

This summer I invite you to join my family on our vacation in Northern Europe

Day 8 & 9 – Mc Adam Family

For me, Fjällbacka was the purpose for our trip (but only another stop for the rest of them)

Day 6 & 7 – Mc Adam Family

Today we have left Denmark. We obviously have not seen everything

Day 5 – Mc Adam Family

Jelling is considered the cradle of the Viking civilization.

Day 14, 15 & Tips – Mc Adam Family

From the back of the camper, I opened the curtains and found out that we were on the highway

The benefits of keeping a diary

It doesn’t matter if you already have a diary or not. I’ll bet you write daily

How to use emoji on your Mac. Ways to use emoji without plugins nor addons!

Having problems identifying ways to make use of emoji on your Mac?

Rachel Lilly : Proud Socialbooker

Like Rachel, you can create a book of memories that you’ll never Forget!!

My Social Book Techcrunch Review

Look! We have a nice article on Techcrunch by John Biggs to share with you.

Collect your lifetime and relive it forever with My Social Book

What’s more important than a memory? With My Social Book, you preserve all the details

Art(h) In Movement: Tokyo

Our flight may have been delayed four hours for the weather, but FINALLY we’ve arrived!


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