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Is It Ever Too Late To Get Into Photography?

Man taking a picture of a landscape

Photo envy can be a debilitating symptom when scrolling through Instagram. Of course, you’re happy that all of your friends and influencers seem to have mastered the art of photography, but you can’t help thinking: “I wish I could take photos like that.”

Despite how critical it may seem, there is a quick cure for Instagram jealousy. If you have been wanting to become a great photographer for a while but have felt that it’s a little too late in life to get started, then all you have to do is gain some self-belief and set yourself on the right path. 

Whether you are 27, 37 or 57, it is never too late to get into photography. To help you out, here are ten important points to hone your skills and set you out on the path of success:

First Off, You Are Behind The Camera, Not In Front

That’s right, no matter how technologically proficient your phone is, it does not know – nor care – how old you are. What matters is the scene in front of you and how you choose to capture it. If you are passionate about something and want to learn, then there’s nothing stopping you from getting the hang of it. In fact, with more experience in the world you are capturing, you can easily become a better photographer than some of those fresh-faced young’uns!  

Social Media Is A Great Tool

The best thing that has happened to photography today is social media. This is an online platform where you can display your pictures and gain some inspiration from others. Nothing beats the feeling of taking a good photograph and getting a few likes and positive comments on Instagram. Social media gives you an audience, and it is a constant feed of ingenuity and individualism, so make sure you stay connected!

A Photo Book Is A Great Reward

You can also use your social media pages to create your own portfolios. Say you’ve got a load of beautiful pics from your recent vacation – you can not only place this album on Instagram but use those photos to create a beautiful Instagram photo book. This can be a great way to show off your photographs and place them somewhere that is physical. Photos can get lost in a cloud, so make sure you are giving yours the treatment they deserve. 

Find Your Community

Staying on the social media theme, it is important to find a community to share photos and ideas. There are many who think of photography as a rather secluded, individual venture, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Finding your tribe can be a great way to give yourself a push and communicate new techniques and subjects to capture. 

The Backyard Is Your Training Ground

Once you’ve got your output and community to share the experience, it is important to actually put into practice and keep snapping to build your skills. The backyard is a great place to do this. You might be surprised to learn just how many different subjects and scenes you can capture in a small garden. Try to get out there during different times of the day and take as many photographs as you can. You will start to see improvements, and when you are ready, you can venture further and maybe mix it up with some urban photography too.

The Great Travelling Excuse

Talking of getting out there, becoming a trainee photographer can be a great excuse to travel more. There is a big world beyond your backyard, so pinpoint a few places you would like to see and take the leap. You only live once, so there’s nothing stopping you from treating yourself to a vacation and using the opportunity to photograph new places and people to further grow your craft.

Put In The Hard Graft

Even if photography is a hobby, you still need to put in the hard graft in order to compete with the Instagram big dogs. If, for instance, there is supposed to be a beautiful sunrise at 4:00 AM, then get out of bed and capture it. Sometimes photography isn’t pretty, and it can involve some early mornings and late nights, but it’s all worth it to stand out and become the photographer you want to be.

Share Your Work And Embrace Feedback

Yes, Instagram is a great place to show off and get a few likes, but it’s just as important to take feedback on board and be prepared for a little criticism. It’s unlikely that anyone has ever captured the perfect photograph. There are always better angles and lighting options. But every good photographer strives to be their best self, and you can get closer if you listen to critical feedback and embrace comments that aren’t overwhelmingly positive. 

Absorb, Absorb, Absorb

When it comes to feedback, the other important thing is to not only listen to it but to actually put it into practice. You have to absorb what people are saying and try to incorporate it into your own work. Of course, it might not be accurate. You might not necessarily agree, but the important thing is you have tried something different, and you are listening to alternative viewpoints other than your own.

Never Forget To Care

Lastly, if you want to get into photography, it’s important to stay enthusiastic and make sure you never lose that spark. As mentioned before, sometimes photography is not easy, but it should always be fun and enjoyable. When you are practising and trying to improve, never forget the reason you are trying so hard. Always care about what you are doing, and if you find yourself falling out of love, take a step back and take it easy for a bit. After a few days, scroll through your Instagram, flick through your photo books, and you’ll start to find that love coming back. Then you’ll be ready to go all over again!


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